Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Deja Vu psychic powers and synchronus events.

Hello all.

I am going to recount to you the story of my best friends death.

His name was Alan and i am not ashamed to admit that i loved him.

On the morning of my friends death i had what can only be described as a psychic event.

I was watching a programme the night before about the Aztecs and ritual sacrifice. It was made by an obvious pot head..{fair play here} who took us through his interpretations of the Aztecs and their ritualistic behavior.

He was filming a lot in Mexico and while filming he received the news that his best friend had been found dead. He recieved this news by picking up a gory magazine which apparently the mexicans love. The magazine is a celebration of death and is the collective work of many sick minded photographers who compile the most horrific images together in a weekly publication of death.

He picked up this mag from a news stand and was appalled to see that his only close friend in south America had died in a car crash with a full photo spread of her dead remains sprawled all over the front cover.

The next morning i awoke after having awful dreams. I went downstairs and my mother was sitting in the living room smoking and drinking tea.I began to recount my awful dreams and told her that they seemed to have been influenced by the programme i watched about this guy in Mexico. I told her the story of how he found out his best friend had died.

About 10 minutes later i noticed a friend of mine driving up the road towards my house and through the car windscreen i could see she was distressed. This was highly unusual this friend even though we were close but never lovers would never just pop by at 10 in the morning on a work day unannounced. I knew immeadiatly something was wrong.

She got out of the car carrying a copy of the daily star newspaper. This was odd.

She walked up to the house and i answered the door to her as she sobbed uncontrolably. I was getting very worried at this stage and asked whats the matter hon tell whats happened. She couldnt tell me she just handed me the paper and said please go in and sit down.

On the front page of the paper was the news of my best friends death in a hotel room in Thailand. He was found by the maid of the hotel dead on the bed of his suite. There was no cause of death ever explained to me after and no cause even hinted at in the article.

So folks ask yourself this question. What are the chances that having watched this programme about a death cult in which a guy finds out his best friend is dead on the cover of a magazine. After recounting this story to another not moments beforehand to then find out that's ones own best friend is dead from the front cover of a newspaper.

It was at this moment that i realised there was something seriously wrong with my perception of reality. Quiet frankly this chain of events on reflection and at the time seemed totally impossible like a bad dream..

So we buried Alan. I quiet frankly have never gotten over this and years later i still mourn his death. Alan was the 1st person i talked to on the morning of 911. I was at home he was working on a building site as a mason. I rang him and told him to leave work and go the pub near his job that i would meet him there soon as something terrible had just happened. We drank the day away mystified by the tv lieing to us...

So the day that Alan died lead me to believe that psychic events can and do happen but I'm a scientist at heart i don't like fuzzy explanations i love facts...it was on that day that i was reminded of an incident in Alan's house in Dublin.

Myself Alan and a friend Jerome had been out playing snooker. We returned to alans house to have a drink and a game of cards. We entered the kitchen and on the table was the deck of cards and i suddenly got this feeling that i had done this before so i turned to Jerome and said ...Hey J i bet you i can tell you the top card in that deck without looking and infact J i can tell you the top 3 cards dont ask me how i know i just do..I didnt want to say it was Deja Vu for fear of looking stupid in front of the lads.

I said to J the top card is a Jack i think hearts..he turned it over and it was..

He laughed and said u lucky prick I'm not playing cards with you tonight..i then told him the next card i said the next ones an 8 its a club or spade i cant remember..J said wtf you cant remember..did you play with this deck last or what...

I said no I've never been in this house before as Alan had just moved in the week before..he said ok and turned the card..it was the 8 of spades..

Now Alan hadn't been in the room for this but for the 3rd card he returned from upstairs and J told him what just happened.. he taught we were joking and after 5 Min's of convincing J managed to make him believe what i have just recounted which is the absolute truth..

So he asked me whats the next card.. I said its a 7 and its red but again i cant remember which suit..he said well its slim odds of just guessing a 7..J turned the card..

It was the seven of hearts...

At this point J who was there the whole time and the card turner, i had never touched the cards or in fact ever seen the deck before at least not in this reality...Well he was astounded..

Later i asked my brother who is an actuary and masters mathematician from trinity to tell me the odds of guessing 3 random cards in a row..its 1000 to 1 folks...

So when Alan died and i had what can only be described as a psychic event i couldn't help but think of this day and the cards...

How strange that later i find my self writing about Ledger and tarot cards and a man who was found dead in unexplained circumstances by his maid..killer joke or what..I wasnt laughing.......

I have had a number of other psychic events..I have picked the winner of the grandnational 5 years in a row..this is a race with 40 runners..i picked these winners by studing the occult links in horseracing...

Recently last year in fact there was a big horse race in england called the "king George.. " days before the race i told my father to back the outsider to beat the favourite.. The outsider was owned by the Rothschilds a horse called Nathaniel...the favourite was a horse called Workforce and trained by Sir Michael Stoute of the freemasons lodge training stables.. Anyone who understands the conspiracy will know why the horse is called WorkFORCE....the great work..the use of force and the proper application of force is a main tennant of freemasonry..

So I told my father that Nathaniel would win and he would win because workforce ws going to veer wildly across the track.. This is exactly what happened.. Me and my dad made some money that day he was needless to say impressed..

Whats even more strange is that during this 4 horse race the commentator said just after the horses left the stalls.."And theres Frankie on rewilding, horse and rider still intact at this stage"..

I knew then at that very momment as the horses were but yards from the start gate that rewilding would not finish the race which is unusual on the flat..I knew at that moment that frankie the well bred italian was going to fall of this horse and that's exactly what happened. Half way up the finish straight rewilding broke down and was shot in the head on the track in front of everyone..

So it is clearly up to you whether to believe my story. But i swear on the grave of my best and only true friend in this world that what i have just said is the truth..There are many more incidents like this but these 3 are the most profoundly obvious that the nature of reality is not what we think, that the nature of past and present and future is not what we think.

I miss you Alan, maybe we will meet again on another earth who knows..

The only thing i have left to remember Alan by is a christian card which most irish churches issue with a picture of the deceased and usually some form of tribute. The tribute on Alan card was the poem footprints..

 One night I dreamed of walking along the shores of different lands.
I could tell that You were with me by the footprints in the sand.
As I gazed upon the heavens, I saw pages of my life.
It was then I realized that You remained there by my side.
When the clouds began to gather and the rains came falling down,
I looked to only find one set of footprints on the ground.
I said, "Lord, why did You leave me in the troubled times of life?
I believed that You would always walk beside me day and night." (Then I heard:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
I have carved you on the hollow of My hand.
It's then I carried you in My arms,
When you see one set of footprints in the sand"
Dear Lord, will You be with me as I travel through the years?
Will You be there in the struggles? Will You wipe away the tears?
As my eyes turn toward the ocean and the shores of distant lands,
I'm still thinking of the single set of footprints in the sand. (I heard Him say:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
I have carved you on the hollow of My hand.
It's then I carried you in My arms,
When you see one set of footprints in the sand."
Will I hear the angels singing, as my life comes to an end.
Oh Lord, I long to see You. Will You be there once again?
My eyes turn toward the heavens, along the path of foreign lands,
Once more, I'm thinking of the set of footprints in the sand. (Jesus said:)
"My precious child, I'd never leave you.
See your name carved on the hollow of My hand.
I'm here to carry you to your home.
You will see one set of footprints in the sand.

god i miss him..

I've gotta be honest i hate that poem...heres a more uplifting verse from lou Rhodes it would appear some of gods angels are allready here..


aferrismoon said...

RE: Synchronous events , though probably not unexpected


'soaring' being the operative word

mentioned in comments in your last post.

Glib shite for money journalism , probably just wasted her for the headlines - but I feel many share a common disgust


Alex Robinson said...

Amazing real life stories Gavin. So sorry for the loss of your friend, I was touched by the honesty of your words & connection to him.

It is in the real life stories of people you are familiar with that you can start to build up a clearer image of this world as something that is definitely 'out of this world'.

When my son was stillborn I was confused for a long time, then came a day when I had to decide what words to put in the memorial book - I don't know if they came to me or if i made them up, but what I chose was - "Go with love little one" - after that I experienced joy, hard to explain - just wanted to mention that.

Atlantean Times said...

Thank you for the kind words Alex. Sorry to hear about your son i really am.

Take care, G.