Monday, June 4, 2012

2012 Predictions, London Olympics, NWO, Royal Family... Its Time To Wake Up

Rik Clay was killed because of the second part of this video above. He was killed because he spoke of the holy grail of the elite. I wonder how many people who know of Rik and what happened have actually managed to figure out what it was exactly that caused the illumined ones to not allow him to continue and immediately shut him down. The answer is one word.


The vid below includes part 2.

There are those of us still alive that know what the 5 rings actually are. Don't tell anyone if you know they will never believe you. Lastly i would like to offer some advice for when death come for you. There are ways to protect yourself. If you try to leave this planet by the poles you will be trapped this may seem like the nuttiest statement ever but to the best of my knowledge its the truth. Take it or leave it.

The olympic torch comes to dublin in 2 days, tomorrow will be the transit of venus the way things are going it would not surpries me if the illuminati nuked dublin. Camelot won the derby a few days ago. Unfortunatly for them i am Sir Gawain i was there at the original incarnation of camelot i have fought the green man and won. Below is the footage of the queens visit notice the extremely strange statue this irish traitor produced for her

at 1.06 in the vid..
for those that would like to try and figure out what the 5 rings are here is a massive leg up

I should add a note........when i use metaphors i generally, like the bible dont point out which bits are metaphor. Since the bible is mostly metaphor only take as fact that which i have said is fact. Ok so here is the exact reason why i have added this addendum.

In a past post i said. "I know where satan lives"

 In the video note he mentions knowing the location of the antichrist at approx 19.50. Can all the tards out there please start arming themselves with actual facts.


motherbarbarian said...

Hi Gavin. Glad to see you posting again. I have just put up something on the olympics with your screen cap and a link to this post, if that is all right? ( That statue reminds me very much of the sphere sculptures that dot various sites around the world (the vatican, the world trade center, Dublin)

Sebastian Clouth said...


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