Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New TV show idea, Lets hunt and kill SETH McFARLANE

I have an idea for a new television show it involves hunting down and killing Seth McFarlane and his family guy team members. Bill Hicks once made this joke maybe his joke will come true eh SETh. Maybe it's will and intention will find its way in to reality and have some consequences for you. We can but hope!

When we find him we will videotape his mass execution were we allow every person who ran in the Boston Marathon to cut a piece off of him to take home as a souvenir,oh it will be hilarious. We could call it "THE RUNNING MAN a ritualistic comedy film  mirroring Osiris killing by SETH and let Set see what it feels like to be mutilated.

SETH MCFARLANE You Lieing Toerag.

 Let me tell you a story folks! I shall be your seanacha√≠. Imagine some harp music.

When Set killed Osiris there were body parts everywhere is'nt that right? Mr SET McFarlane you NWO piece of shit! I suppose you are just another psychic like all those other psychic holly sorry (hollywood) types.
CRAFT security with radiation detector backpacks at Boston Marathon running a drill as usual or as i call It false Fag Ritual Killing. These people deal in DEATH.

It was just sheer luck that you happened to foresee such things. Well your pathetic attempts at Magick are failing miserably. People are getting suspicious and when you pull your big finale magick trick which will probably be in Ireland or Britain as you will reflect your magick across the seas, everyone will know it was you propagandist traitors to humanity that did it. Hitler had his propaganda machine Obama has you scum. Craft security as in "The Craft" ran the whole show and killed innocent americans having numerous back up patsies who thought they were running a drill like a good patriot.

Seth working for Baal yet again! What a Surprise... Seth you will die burning. Just like your namesake. MASONS DRUIDS AND PRIESTS BE WARNED....OUR DAY WILL COME!! Tiochaidh ar La!

Their final magick trick will involve a massive earthquake and the spliting of rocks using a nuke. They will recreate Christs sacrifice above the mercy seat in reverse to mock christians. They are Druids decended from Balor and they Hate the Christians as it was the Christians who ran them out of Ireland and Britain.

The above documentary whether true or not shows that the Hebrew people knew how to split large rocks. Remember this!

Balor was descended from Magog like the rest of the Tuatha de Danann. These Druids were all sons of lapeth and consequently Sons of Noah and they have all been at war for 4400 years.

It is God who suffered them, though He restrained them
they landed with horror, with lofty deed,in their cloud of mighty combat of spectres,
upon a mountain of Conmaicne of Connacht.
Without distinction to descerning Ireland,
Without ships, a ruthless course the truth was not known beneath the sky of stars,
whether they were of heaven or of earth.

Some of us do know. You psychotic band of lepers.

Seth is Baals bitch he sucks Balors cock for eternity dont you Seth...haha

Baal is Baltar who fights against Adama or you can see hollywood tells you he was born of the line of the pyramid builders. He is also reborn in a nuclear blast as also shown above.

He is cloaked with the scarlet lady who protects him from the blast. Baal will be reborn from whence he was killed by Lugh or Luke of the clan Skywalker as you know him. He was killed in EIRE he will be reborn in Eire. Na Fianna will rise up and crush him. So Seth you can do your magickal working and kill people in a cartoon to express your WILL..but your veil has been lifted bitch and forever more you will have to suck Satans Cock...

The video above is of a group of satanic Haitians invoking Mercury or exu or what ever you want to call the psycho they call him baron gede. Notice the hat and the cane and the glasses with one lense broken to symbolise one eye. He would kill you in a heartbeat and in fact that is his goal.

"The Barons, Brijits and Gedes are served with the colors black, white and purple. Certain ones prefer certain combinations of the colors. They drink piman. Piman is raw rum in which 21 hot peppers have been soaked. This stuff is so hot that someone faking a possession would burn their mouth out."

This entire mega batman ritual all comes down to Heart. We have hearts and they want to sacrifice as many of them as possible. Our souls reside in our hearts and this is what completes the deal. Every serial killer kills en mass because he believes that he will control the souls of those he kills in the after life.

Mercury the trickster or anubis.
Exu has taken many souls and he is thus extremely powerfull the same as Baal and Seth the cocksucker.

This was taken during the london 77 bombings. Notice how pale the helper is, You are looking upon the face of PURE EVIL.

This is what the man in the mask mercury/exu/batman really looks like. He is a leper, his face was destroyed by fire and he wants revenge. He is the Batmans demon, He is both the Batmans greatest enemy and his greatest ally a total contradiction because that is what he is. He who contradicted God. His bitch of old was this heinous whore who you saw both helping and hindering Batman in the dark Knight Rises.

Some call her Pombagira, some call her the Virgin Mary she has many names. Alas she is Isis of course and you have seen her before as Wonderwoman and catwoman. You may have seen her in dreams bearing her breats to you. She sometimes shows up in the guise of a dead relative in your dream. She is a total psycho just like mercury/osiris. Sometimes she shows up in your dream and tells you your world is not real and proceeds to demonstrate it for you by stoping time or some other trick. She is the trinity to neo, that hackers hacked up bitch. OSIRIS was hacked to pieces by Seth because Seth was fucking Isis too and she choose seth over him. just like batmans bitch chose the hacked up face of harvey dent over batman. FULL CIRCLE..if my heart was a cannon i would fire it upon them.

These beings are what lies behind all serial killers.Once the serial killer has amassed enough dead souls he seeks to ascend or more precisely descend to the next plane. So once a master magickian has performed his mass ritual burnt offering he actually wants to die. Obama wants to be killed my friends, Obama is Baal and is depicted as the imprisoned baal in I pet goat 2, he is just waiting for that day when he will experience his BLISS. He wants to be killed by a nuke that takes a huge nr of souls out with him. His death will be used as the excuse to bring in the NWO as he is the Prince of Peace after all.

 The lies and deceit will continue untill the culmination of their MASS as it is a black mass. Everything will be reversed for the finale. All their symbols will be opposites so they will complete the ritual in Europe without doubt and my feeling is it will involve the ruins of Camelot and a Stadium possibly Millenium Stadium in Wales. Until then each of the US govt agencies involved will continue to BLOOD themselves in preperation. Each agency has to commit a big "FAKE"/"Real Sacrifice" to their lord Baal before their Big Day.They are building towards the Big day just like V for Vendetta.

We are faced by a Monolithic conspiracy. For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.

 I pray for the soul of JFK may he rest in pieces or better yet break free from the beasts chains and help us, because if ever there was a time that the decent people of this world who don't kill people or perform psychotic mass rituals need your help, that time has come.

Anonymous are likely going to be blamed as the cause of "the big one", they are legion, they are masked just like EXU as their faces are too hideous to behold no doubt. DO NOT TRUST ANONYMOUS..masked men are always under his will, they do nothing he is not aware of stupid hacker clowns, they got hacked a long time ago...

All these Hackers now work for DARPA. They are US govt NWO scum from day one and they were all brainwashed by the original Battlestar Gallactica. The new BSG even has many scenes which echo the current marshal law situation as well as home grown terrorists. These idiots think they are the Star Children. Notice how the head of the committee is that famous hollywood airport control tower director from Die Hard 2. They are all up to their necks in this MASS RITUAL and have been for years. The arent called HAckers for no reason. The real name for a hacker is actually a cracker but illuminati put out their hackers films to brainwash the young kids. The word HAcKER combines mercury/anubis/exu with the goddess ker/isis and hacking is what was done to Osiris.

Look at this episode of BSg then look at the Hacker kids at the hearing. Notice how they all go by their star children names. This is total mind control and its in your face.

The man speaking at the start of the next video is an actual genuine US General Jumper  A traitor to America he tried to defraud the american people of $50 million.

Thunderbirds "Thundervision" Scandal Members of the United States Air Force were under investigation by the FBI for having awarded a $50 million dollar contract for audio-visual presentation services to Strategic Message Solutions of Plymouth Meeting.

The contract involved the "Thundervision" project, meant to provide oversized video screens and perhaps content services during air shows that featured the Air Force Thunderbirds. The investigation revolves around possible involvement of Jumper, and then Chief of Staff of the Air Force T. Michael Moseley. It was suggested that the contract price was inflated, because a friend of the two generals, Air Force General (ret.) Hal Hornburg, was associated with Strategic Message Solutions. Two companies involved in the bidding process protested award of the contract, one having offered comparable services for half as much. The Air Force later cancelled the contract.

The US military have been using Tv shows and mass ritual movies from day one. Orson Wells killed the Blsck Dahalia by cutting her in half in front of the Old Mercury theatre ffs. He performed a ritual killing in the style of mercury the trickster and left it for some child to find to be entered in to historical infamy. Wells performed the worlds 1st alien invasion psyop false flag radio show for the psychopaths. This mass ritual for the great work i.e the NWO has been on going for hundreds of years. The great work is the rising of Osiris or mercury rising.

Adam Lanza who got sandy hooked was the autistic kid but as usual they reverse all the symbols so instead of him being protected the autistic kid becomes the killer. When we have filmed episode 1 of lets hunt and kill and chopped up seth we should maybe then go after Christopher Nolan &  Christian Baal for their parts in this heinous mass ritual killings. You are all pawns and like the poppys in the field the ones that rise above the others sometimes get their heads chopped off. Watch your heads chaps as i for one KNOW you are guilty of mass propaganda mind control that has lead to mass murders.

The Virgin is cut in half by Mercury on the Horizon at the exact moment the 1st Tower was struck on 911 2001 at 845AM. If you dont believe this check it yourself its 100% accurate and the chances of this being true while the military conducted operation Amalgam Virgo is just outrageous.
The American govt are psychotic and need to be removed from the planet. Watch this video below it contains genuine military footage talking about altering peoples genes using vacines to make them not believe in god. Specifically Muslims and i'd bet Christians too.

He actually says that people who believe in god are not normal people.I will bear arms against any human that tries to alter human genes to change their beliefs ergo mind control. Altering genes present in nature to suit your psychotic satanic agenda constitutes a gross moral and ethical world view violation. You reap what you sow and this man will reap death for his words of that i have no doubt.

For those of you that havent figured it out. The US govt wants violence but only when the time is right.Doublethink is annoying isnt it. The psychopaths are in charge. Passive agressive is the order of the day but the winner of every war is always the ones who have the "moral high ground" see Sun Tzu. Expose their RITUALS. Think about it, people who would be involved in a mass ritual are clearly preparing people for a massive "event". Who believes in "revoloution" eh..was it druidic/pagan dogma ..was it roman dogma..was it christian dogma..was it arabic dogma..Who believes in BAal. Why do they believe in BAal? Some people say Baal is a being who was a giant. Others say hes a personification of the Sun as in all the stories are sun worship. Some say hes Saturn and that in times past this solar system was organised differently and earth was near Saturn. Whatever the case may be we can be sure that a massive ritual means a massive event.

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Hey you missed episode (S11E22 - Air date May 19th 2013) of Family Guy in the beginning where Stewie points out about the poor people in the mid-west getting hit by a tornado, and then it happened on May 20th! WTF! Seth McFarlane nails it again!