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Batman & St Swithuns Sandy Hook Baal Worship Ritual

The entire Batman Ritual revolves around this central figure known as BAAL or in Ireland Balor of the Baleful eye. Balor was both a personification of the planet Saturn and a real man of giant proportions descended from Magog and Noah. Trust me it is no coincidence that a guy called Christian Bale was chosen to play the Bat. Below in the video you can see how the elites view Baal through Bowie who is also an occult psycho. The story of Baal/Balor is linked below. the Irish story begins like this from The Book of Invasions

"Cesair was the leader of the first invasion in Ireland. Cesair was the daughter of Bith and granddaughter of Noah. Cesair was denied admission to the Ark, so she left 40 days before the Flood arrived.
Cesair arrived at Dun na mBarc (in Co. Cork), Ireland, with 50 other women, and three men. She married Fintan Mac Bochra. The three men were to divide the women among them, as well as dividing Ireland into three. They hoped they could populate Ireland, but two of the men died.

When the fifty women all turned their attention to Fintan, he saw that they were placing too much responsibility on him, so he fled from Ireland, by turning himself into a salmon. Cesair died from a broken heart. Without a single man on the isle, the other women also perished."

 You were lied to other people survived the flood!

 Irish version that scholars want you to believe isn't true. 

Semetic Version the jews wish you wouldnt read.

This is balor you know him as Baal and Darth vader and Batman. The story of Lugh and balor is the story of luke and darth. Obe wan was Nuada.
 They are psychopaths and they want you dead! They must Sacrifice you in ritual fashion. When Seth MC Farlane made his family cartoon he was invoking a magickal act. He was invoking Baal to act in the real world through his agents who have all sworn oaths to serve him. 

Obama is the corporeal manifestation of Baal and he has brainwashed an entire nation into believing his act. Anyone that thinks it's merely coincidence that when you play Obamas Yes we Can chanting backwards and it just happens to say "SERVE SATAN" is an idiot who has no idea what he is dealing with


 Even Obamas signature is a Sigil. By adding just one straight line it become Osiris penis. Even without adding the line it is still a sigil but it is a planetary sigil showing a fractured world.

  We are dealing with psychopaths. Christopher Nolan & Christian BAAL are occult actors of extreme proportions. They have made a mind control film which is actually provoking current events. The film was a declaration of intentions and WILL. They intend to bring about the nuclear elements of the film and have left sick and twisted clues throughout every single scene. 

Their endgame will involve St Swithuns and fascinatingly if you draw a straight line from St Swithuns in Winchester to Stonehenge and carry it forward from there it passes straight through The Millennium Stadium and also passes right over the alleged secret base under and near the Severn Tunnel The route also passes close by to numerous nuclear power stations on the welsh coast near Bristol that have featured in Dr Who plots involving characters that are mind controlled.

The Hand Of Fear Part 1 by tardismedia The mind control starts from about here

The Hand Of Fear Part 3 by tardismedia

Also of note the lighthouse in the bay between Bristol and Cardiff closely resembles the lighthouse in I Pet Goat 2.

But St Swithuns is the key as it was St Swithun that was being spoken about while James Holmes allegedly killed all those people in the Aurora Shooting. The Druids believed their gods lived in the Aurora Borealis.


This comic book was written by Grant Morrison and he must be laughing his ass off now as its all coming true after a fashion. Margaret Thatcher is dead and apparent mind controlled killers are rampaging through schools and cinemas in America...(ALLEGEDLY) Here Morrison explains how sigils work.
As you can see our world is being manipulated by BAD MAgickians run AMOK who are performing tricks for their true lord BAAL. The St swithuns comic is all about a mind controlled idiot who seeks enlightenment and desires to scare the elites. Coincidence after coincidence. One thing that really struck me as odd can be illustrated by these photos below. St swithun has a statue in his cathedral and the image of the person in the statue looks incredibly like James Holmes.


 Notice the demonic looking and feeling head that sits alongside St Swithun. Also of note in London at 111 Cannon Street at the site of another church called St Swithun and within the confines of the City of London is the London Stone. from wiki.. London Stone has been identified as a "mark-stone" on several ley lines passing through central London).It has also entered the psychogeographical writings of Iain Sinclair as an essential element in London's "sacred geometry" There are two recent additions to the mythology surrounding London Stone.

The first claims that Dr John Dee, astrologer, occultist and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, "was fascinated by the supposed powers of the London Stone and lived close to it for a while" and may have chipped pieces off it for alchemical experiments; the second that a legend identifies it as the stone from which King Arthur pulled the sword to reveal that he was rightful king. The first of these may have been inspired by the fictionalised John Dee of Peter Ackroyd's novel The House of Doctor Dee. Both these "legends" seem first to be recorded on the website h2g2 in 2002.

The Batman film ends with a scene in the coffee shop on the Greenwich Meridian as can be seen in the locations guide.

So for those of you that don't know about the Sandy Hook US government hoax and the fact that a Sacrificial Leyline from Teotihuacan to Stonehenge passes straight through Sandyhook here's a couple of videos. 


 Note you can draw a line straight from St Swithun to Stonehenge to Millennium Stadium Cardiff and well the bat cave shown in the film was actually shot in Wales along with many other locations in Britain which you can check out here. These people are psychopaths who worship a demonic entity while telling you to not believe in gods. They have actually gone as far as developing gene therapy vaccines that will remove your belief in god and the belief of your children. 

They wanted us to see through the Sandy Hook Hoax. Just like the Batman film they need the reaction to then take action. The fake was designed to provoke a reaction.

They have the genes of their ancient hosts and have been manipulating their own genes for a long time through breeding specifically Line breeding which as you can see is a method to preserve the original ancestors genes. We must expose them as the psychopaths they are. They will do everything in their power to make anyone who tries to expose them look insane. They will label them as pedos call them conspiracy theorists or just have them publicly disgraced.

 The only way to fight is to change the narrative to one where people accept that their leaders are psychopaths. You don't pussy about with a psycho you lock him up or you take him out there's no other options. Right now the psychos are running amok conducting global rituals with impunity. This has to stop. The line needs to be drawn soon or it will be too late.
And if you discover ANYTHING thats actually important thats not allready on the internet they will kill you and make it look like you did it.
Remember we are dealing with psychopaths with near infinite resources. Expose their psychopathic nature and their rituals will fall apart.

Sandy Hook indicated bottom left with the stadium above it. Will they attack the Millenium Stadium which sits beside Old Camelot on a ley line from stonehenge and St Swithuns.
Their final acts in the Batman Ritual will be in Europe and involve a nuclear power station or a bomb. If they follow their pattern so far they will seek to crack open the tectonic plates of the earth as it is said balor rests under the earth near Camelot/Ireland/Wales vicinity. This will be a reversal of Christs sacrifice over the cracked rocks above the Arc of the Covenant. Instead they will sacrifice the people so that their blood flows down through the rocks and flows onto Baals grave. They will crack open the tectonic plates and release the waters from under the earth.

The story of ireland and wales histories are replete with lakes and wells springing up. This is what moses did many years ago. The jewish people to this day are the experts at breaking stones specifically diamonds and gems but rocks are no different and when you step out of line you are sent to break rocks in prison.

You can fool some of the people all the time and you had me fooled for a while but i know I'm dealing with psychotic fools who are destined for pain. I wont be fooled again. Ricin is the expert on these mind control story lines and has made a detailed study of these entities in the video below please watch it as it explains a great deal. note he makes a mistake and identifies Baal with Christ and this is actually their reverse symbolism at work. Baal is Christs total opposite his mirror his perfect reflection. Also the Hell Boy film makes the mistake of confusing Nuada who is Obewan with balor the evil King. Irish history fixes this ambiguity.
The Family Bloodline Of Israel- Going After Baal And The Grove- Christmas Under Another Name

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