Saturday, April 20, 2013

Disney spits on your children. Mind Control propaganda in your face.

Programmed To KIll is the single best documentary out there in nearly 80 parts that deal in depth with numerous Ritual Killings that were blamed on so called serial killers. Most if not all of these cases show massive police and state coverups of both mind controlled killers and satanic ritual murder. I pray for all the souls of the people killed by these satanic state run psychopaths. May you find peace in the afterlife and free yourself from eternal torture. Thank You Stefano for making it all so clear. Please check out his youtube videos available in the sidebar.
If you doubt Satanic lunatics arent involved just reaserch every one of the major mass killings. If after researching all the mass killing you still believe the official conspiracy theories you are satanist. OR you could just watch stefanos videos as hes done the work for you. I have manually read the case files for nearly all the cases discussed and i concluded it was a satanic mass killing govt opperation, stef does a great job of laying it all out and all his facts are checkable.

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