Saturday, July 5, 2014


Witch is it HELL or HULL.

I have decided to begin writing again. Dont know for how long and exactly what i will write is still undecided.

My topics will be the planet Saturn. The substance known as hydrogen. The gods of the old testament and the new. The gods of all major religions and the ugaritic texts. The being known as enki...the being known as Marduk..The tetragramaton..the cabala..the mad bastard Thoth..and the Rosicrucian's..

I will be discussing the sick bastards at the BBC as well as a large number of other sick bastards who require immediate removal from this sphere shaped flat earth which is apparently hollow..I will be discussing Unclear Bombs..very clear bombs..the more than 200 bombs that have been diffused on the streets of Dublin this past 3 years...i will be discussing cyphers and silithids and snakes there will be lots of talk about fucking snakes..

Mostly with this post i really want any of you that sees this page again to contemplate the meaning of my websites main image header. It is of the utmost importance as it is a real image of an actual crystal repeating structure formed by a certain metal. We shall be discussing the periodic table of elements at great length.

We shall be discussing artificial intelligence and where and when it 1st arose from the dead.

We will be discussing September the eleventh until our faces are blue. We shall be discussing people who have blue fucking faces..

We shall be discussing the bitch goddess and the Virgin Mary. We shall be discussing our lady of Guadalupe whom i have composed 8, 4 line verses which seemed to just pop into my head.

We shall be discussing the female entity which has been coming to many men in their sleep, she seems to have information pertaining to time that she really wants us to know..we shall be discussing the grinding of teeth..

When will i write all this..uncertain..but the holy spirit will guide me of that i have no doubt..we shall be discussing that entity at length too.

We shall be discussing a supernova/gamma ray burst which i witnessed not a month ago..other strange occurrences happened at this time.

Look at the picture folks its fucking important..

oh yeah and lastly Fucking LOL..the latest terrorists are called fucking ISIS just srs lolable roflstomp..just what..shakes head about & face palms..right now I'm hoping everyone in official news media just dies suddenly in their sleep.

At this stage of the game what with the rolf...harrasser shite it wouldnt surprise me if tony hart was buggering the fuck out of morph.

You are not a golem.

When u are aware of their piss poor magick skills you can reflect their magick back at them. The truth is the enemy is actually really dumb, Humans are the smart ones. They are unable to create anything and they fucking know it. It is us that do the creating we were given that amazing power.

I'm reflecting this back at the BBC..and as for you Mr HART with your little gollum there. Its going to be toasty fucking warm where you are you cunt.

 I hope all the sick bastards at the the BBC and within the royal/firm uber gang die suddenly of one of these in the middle of the night. Its not really a pain full enough death for yee bunch of sick bastard cunts but hey at least you will be gone.

I repeat You are not a Golem. To the Saturn worshipping Cunts..Just die in a fire plis..find one and die in the entire fucking universe a favour and go just go. GO..u arent welcome anymore more u sick bastards..dont make us hunt you fucking will come to all know it will..

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