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Orson speaks Gods language..can you hear him?

Orson's entire life was a detective story. The Basques are the highest source of Rh- blood per capita in the world. In the documentary he speaks of how his world is dominated by technology and an advancement of technology which leads to easier living by means of "The MACHINE" Remember Orson is deliberately showing you everything you see in the film and with a purpose we cant define he is also not showing you many things. He disarms you with his charm and wit before attacking you with a series of thoughtful prods. He claims the relentless pursuit of technology is uncivilized by its very nature. 

 I still cant decide if Orson killed the black Dahlia or was he just set up to make it look like he did..A noose ready to hang him. He left the states soon after she died and lost all favour from his former backers. The truth is the more i see of Orson and i have now watched basically all his works i cant but love the man. I think Orson knew Saturn was a machine left here by the gods. I think he was visiting these people as he knew who they were descended from. I think Orson knew it all..possibly the worlds last self made polymath.. 

Rh- people can see the future..some people say..they have very odd foretelling dreams..they may be predominantly descended from people that had so much blue blood they appeared to be blue..catch my drift..!! Lael Wertenbaker who wrote lament for 4 Virgins and death of a Man a book about how she killed her husband through assisted suicide due to prolonged illness....says this. 
"There are only two theories I believe about the basque language that could be true. was the language spoken in the garden of Eden is the language of the devil". She laughs at the second suggestion

The devil is Saturn/the cube. If you utube the word basques you will find many videos claiming that they are the original or last remaining "original" Hebrews.. incidentally utube is a word which is many thousands of years old and relates directly to saturn worship..just like yahoo actually means yahweh/saturn and yahoo was 1st spoken about biblically by a man called who invented yahoo..guess what his name was?

LAEL goes on to tell us that the basques have "no fear of the future"..hmm..hmmm..hmmm why would that be..well if I could see the future and knew how the story all turns out in the end..if i knew when reading the first pages that frodo does destroy the ring in the end would I be afraid of it. Orsons last role before he died was that of a machine bent on destruction, a machine who sought to control a "Matrix" of power..a machine who eats other machines as well as entire planets to sustain itself. A machine that eats its own children..who works alongside megatron/metatron..who acts as gods mouthpiece. the voice he plays..cronos is destroyed by the "matrix of power" which is a Saturn shaped glowing object. The object can transform an autobot in to a super autobot. Who ever controls it is all powerfull. It is a remnant of a dead star. Its the arc of the covenant isn't it? iTs the kabba stone..its the stone that from heaven fell to earth..the gift from the gods. Its what all this shit has been about for many years now..its the remnant from terminator that results in cyberdyne..cyberdino..corp creating the 1st terminator..its the lightning of the gods come "back from the future"..

Basically the last few minutes of transformers are telling you they will ignite Saturn as a second son..same story as 2001 we are being kubricked again..cube.. brick. Orson says that the basques have nothing to be proud of..They built no pyramids or wrote any books..yet they have lived in europe the longest of all the races? Interesting way to insult your hosts that one.. anyway good man Orson say it like it is..:) This is clearly a clash of civilisations piece if ever there was one. He is telling you blatantly as possible that the basques are related to the original tribe of adama..they are a lesser model of autobot if you will..Orson being a more highly advanced decepticon..deception being his nr1 tool behind the lens. 

Think about this. If the untraceable language of the Basques is the language of Saturn/god that means that the basque language is machine code.

 Gizon-emakume guztiak aske jaiotzen dira, duintasun eta eskubide berberak dituztela; eta ezaguera eta kontzientzia dutenez gero, elkarren artean senide legez jokatu beharra dute.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

  The blacksmith slave
Captive in the rainforests of the West
they brought you to Rome, slave,
they gave you the blacksmith work
and you make chains.
The incandescent iron you take out of the oven
can be adapted as you want,
you can make swords
in order that your people could break the chains,
but you, o, slave,
you make chains, more chains.

Hmm doesn't look like machine code to me. I'm speaking of the translated top verse on human rights. Directly above is a translated basque poem..Seems the don't like the Romans..antisaturnaliens so.

Its always so hard to tell which side people are on. The basques don't look like a bunch of machine worshiping psychopaths to me.. Quiet the opposite in fact.

I wonder what language Ea/Enlil and Enki  were speaking back in the day. hmm i wonder..I wonder what language we spoke in this place before those utter psychopaths showed up..i wonder..

The above verse seems to suggest that basques were captured in the Americas and brought to Europe. My history teacher must have forgot to tell me this. Although my history teacher who was called Mr Sherlock btw was a total wanker who hated all children and was an abusive prick. However did he get a job working for the roman catholic church in a christian brothers school ill never know..oh shit wait what am i saying..he probably wrote "I'm an abusive child hating psycho" on his application..accepted immediately!

Anyway my hatred for my history teacher aside..i hope this little piece has made some of you think..well at least think a little bit harder.

Think about this.
While speaking to a child called Chris he mentions religion.

"well of course it's Sunday today and we can see the people coming down from church. Its a funny thing about church isn't it Chris? The men and women sit separately in church don't they"

Chris replies.

"the men are in the gallery upstairs and the women are downstairs"

Orson continues.

"the only church i know of were they separate the sexes is the Jewish church but its the opposite there isn't it?" Isn't it Chris? Yes says Chris.

So the basques church is the exact opposite of the Jewish Church he seems to be saying. He then recounts how some jewish children were protected from their Jewish parents who they didn't want to be near. The priest protected them but lost the game as Orson puts it and the children "ended up" in israel.

Chris seems to be doing very nicely..:)

Orson ends by explaining that in the basque world which is entrenched between the french and spanish worlds that for one day every year on pentecost a world exists that has no borders or boundaries. Every Basque can wander free as birds between france and spain no passport required.

Neo promised to show us a world with no borders or boundaries, in fact he ended with that promise in the first matrix film while talking to the machine. If all the other tricks orson just pulled on you didnt slap you in the face surely that one woke you up just a tad.

There shall be no happy ever afters to this story though and we all know it. So lets end with a basque ending.

"If they lived well, well then, they died well."

Im off to join my ancestors I journey without fear let those who understand declare it so

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