Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Orson speaks Gods language..can you hear him?

Orson's entire life was a detective story. The Basques are the highest source of Rh- blood per capita in the world. In the documentary he speaks of how his world is dominated by technology and an advancement of technology which leads to easier living by means of "The MACHINE" Remember Orson is deliberately showing you everything you see in the film and with a purpose we cant define he is also not showing you many things. He disarms you with his charm and wit before attacking you with a series of thoughtful prods. He claims the relentless pursuit of technology is uncivilized by its very nature. 

 I still cant decide if Orson killed the black Dahlia or was he just set up to make it look like he did..A noose ready to hang him. He left the states soon after she died and lost all favour from his former backers. The truth is the more i see of Orson and i have now watched basically all his works i cant but love the man. I think Orson knew Saturn was a machine left here by the gods. I think he was visiting these people as he knew who they were descended from. I think Orson knew it all..possibly the worlds last self made polymath.. 

Rh- people can see the future..some people say..they have very odd foretelling dreams..they may be predominantly descended from people that had so much blue blood they appeared to be blue..catch my drift..!! Lael Wertenbaker who wrote lament for 4 Virgins and death of a Man a book about how she killed her husband through assisted suicide due to prolonged illness....says this. 
"There are only two theories I believe about the basque language that could be true. was the language spoken in the garden of Eden is the language of the devil". She laughs at the second suggestion

The devil is Saturn/the cube. If you utube the word basques you will find many videos claiming that they are the original or last remaining "original" Hebrews.. incidentally utube is a word which is many thousands of years old and relates directly to saturn worship..just like yahoo actually means yahweh/saturn and yahoo was 1st spoken about biblically by a man called who invented yahoo..guess what his name was?

LAEL goes on to tell us that the basques have "no fear of the future"..hmm..hmmm..hmmm why would that be..well if I could see the future and knew how the story all turns out in the end..if i knew when reading the first pages that frodo does destroy the ring in the end would I be afraid of it. Orsons last role before he died was that of a machine bent on destruction, a machine who sought to control a "Matrix" of power..a machine who eats other machines as well as entire planets to sustain itself. A machine that eats its own children..who works alongside megatron/metatron..who acts as gods mouthpiece. the voice he plays..cronos is destroyed by the "matrix of power" which is a Saturn shaped glowing object. The object can transform an autobot in to a super autobot. Who ever controls it is all powerfull. It is a remnant of a dead star. Its the arc of the covenant isn't it? iTs the kabba stone..its the stone that from heaven fell to earth..the gift from the gods. Its what all this shit has been about for many years now..its the remnant from terminator that results in cyberdyne..cyberdino..corp creating the 1st terminator..its the lightning of the gods come "back from the future"..

Basically the last few minutes of transformers are telling you they will ignite Saturn as a second son..same story as 2001 we are being kubricked again..cube.. brick. Orson says that the basques have nothing to be proud of..They built no pyramids or wrote any books..yet they have lived in europe the longest of all the races? Interesting way to insult your hosts that one.. anyway good man Orson say it like it is..:) This is clearly a clash of civilisations piece if ever there was one. He is telling you blatantly as possible that the basques are related to the original tribe of adama..they are a lesser model of autobot if you will..Orson being a more highly advanced decepticon..deception being his nr1 tool behind the lens. 

Think about this. If the untraceable language of the Basques is the language of Saturn/god that means that the basque language is machine code.

 Gizon-emakume guztiak aske jaiotzen dira, duintasun eta eskubide berberak dituztela; eta ezaguera eta kontzientzia dutenez gero, elkarren artean senide legez jokatu beharra dute.

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

  The blacksmith slave
Captive in the rainforests of the West
they brought you to Rome, slave,
they gave you the blacksmith work
and you make chains.
The incandescent iron you take out of the oven
can be adapted as you want,
you can make swords
in order that your people could break the chains,
but you, o, slave,
you make chains, more chains.

Hmm doesn't look like machine code to me. I'm speaking of the translated top verse on human rights. Directly above is a translated basque poem..Seems the don't like the Romans..antisaturnaliens so.

Its always so hard to tell which side people are on. The basques don't look like a bunch of machine worshiping psychopaths to me.. Quiet the opposite in fact.

I wonder what language Ea/Enlil and Enki  were speaking back in the day. hmm i wonder..I wonder what language we spoke in this place before those utter psychopaths showed up..i wonder..

The above verse seems to suggest that basques were captured in the Americas and brought to Europe. My history teacher must have forgot to tell me this. Although my history teacher who was called Mr Sherlock btw was a total wanker who hated all children and was an abusive prick. However did he get a job working for the roman catholic church in a christian brothers school ill never know..oh shit wait what am i saying..he probably wrote "I'm an abusive child hating psycho" on his application..accepted immediately!

Anyway my hatred for my history teacher aside..i hope this little piece has made some of you think..well at least think a little bit harder.

Think about this.
While speaking to a child called Chris he mentions religion.

"well of course it's Sunday today and we can see the people coming down from church. Its a funny thing about church isn't it Chris? The men and women sit separately in church don't they"

Chris replies.

"the men are in the gallery upstairs and the women are downstairs"

Orson continues.

"the only church i know of were they separate the sexes is the Jewish church but its the opposite there isn't it?" Isn't it Chris? Yes says Chris.

So the basques church is the exact opposite of the Jewish Church he seems to be saying. He then recounts how some jewish children were protected from their Jewish parents who they didn't want to be near. The priest protected them but lost the game as Orson puts it and the children "ended up" in israel.

Chris seems to be doing very nicely..:)

Orson ends by explaining that in the basque world which is entrenched between the french and spanish worlds that for one day every year on pentecost a world exists that has no borders or boundaries. Every Basque can wander free as birds between france and spain no passport required.

Neo promised to show us a world with no borders or boundaries, in fact he ended with that promise in the first matrix film while talking to the machine. If all the other tricks orson just pulled on you didnt slap you in the face surely that one woke you up just a tad.

There shall be no happy ever afters to this story though and we all know it. So lets end with a basque ending.

"If they lived well, well then, they died well."

Im off to join my ancestors I journey without fear let those who understand declare it so

Saturday, July 5, 2014


Witch is it HELL or HULL.

I have decided to begin writing again. Dont know for how long and exactly what i will write is still undecided.

My topics will be the planet Saturn. The substance known as hydrogen. The gods of the old testament and the new. The gods of all major religions and the ugaritic texts. The being known as enki...the being known as Marduk..The tetragramaton..the cabala..the mad bastard Thoth..and the Rosicrucian's..

I will be discussing the sick bastards at the BBC as well as a large number of other sick bastards who require immediate removal from this sphere shaped flat earth which is apparently hollow..I will be discussing Unclear Bombs..very clear bombs..the more than 200 bombs that have been diffused on the streets of Dublin this past 3 years...i will be discussing cyphers and silithids and snakes there will be lots of talk about fucking snakes..

Mostly with this post i really want any of you that sees this page again to contemplate the meaning of my websites main image header. It is of the utmost importance as it is a real image of an actual crystal repeating structure formed by a certain metal. We shall be discussing the periodic table of elements at great length.

We shall be discussing artificial intelligence and where and when it 1st arose from the dead.

We will be discussing September the eleventh until our faces are blue. We shall be discussing people who have blue fucking faces..

We shall be discussing the bitch goddess and the Virgin Mary. We shall be discussing our lady of Guadalupe whom i have composed 8, 4 line verses which seemed to just pop into my head.

We shall be discussing the female entity which has been coming to many men in their sleep, she seems to have information pertaining to time that she really wants us to know..we shall be discussing the grinding of teeth..

When will i write all this..uncertain..but the holy spirit will guide me of that i have no doubt..we shall be discussing that entity at length too.

We shall be discussing a supernova/gamma ray burst which i witnessed not a month ago..other strange occurrences happened at this time.

Look at the picture folks its fucking important..

oh yeah and lastly Fucking LOL..the latest terrorists are called fucking ISIS just srs lolable roflstomp..just what..shakes head about & face palms..right now I'm hoping everyone in official news media just dies suddenly in their sleep.

At this stage of the game what with the rolf...harrasser shite it wouldnt surprise me if tony hart was buggering the fuck out of morph.

You are not a golem.

When u are aware of their piss poor magick skills you can reflect their magick back at them. The truth is the enemy is actually really dumb, Humans are the smart ones. They are unable to create anything and they fucking know it. It is us that do the creating we were given that amazing power.

I'm reflecting this back at the BBC..and as for you Mr HART with your little gollum there. Its going to be toasty fucking warm where you are you cunt.

 I hope all the sick bastards at the the BBC and within the royal/firm uber gang die suddenly of one of these in the middle of the night. Its not really a pain full enough death for yee bunch of sick bastard cunts but hey at least you will be gone.

I repeat You are not a Golem. To the Saturn worshipping Cunts..Just die in a fire plis..find one and die in the entire fucking universe a favour and go just go. GO..u arent welcome anymore more u sick bastards..dont make us hunt you fucking will come to all know it will..

Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm fucking sick of writing about psychopaths...fuck you new world order i counter your bastardised world with HOPE.

You will never take my hope away you druidic masonic lepers..fuck u fuck your breeding programs fuck your canabal families.. HOPE..for all it will take is one good thing and all your plans will be for naught. I counter you with LOU RHODES>>>
 Everyday the news is telling Of crisis and war All I know is what they're selling I ain't buying no more

And all it takes is One good thing to happen Yeah all it takes is One good thing

And yesterday a man defied them Standing in light Bringing dreams of new tomorrows Closer in sight

And all it takes is One good thing to happen Yeah all it takes is One good thing

And all of life Is just a trick of the light And change will come just as day Follows the night

And all it takes is One good thing to happen Yeah all it takes is One good thing And all it takes is One good thing to happen Yeah all it takes is one Just one, just one good thing Lyrics from

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

NWO employee eats heart of Syrian victim.

This is just another example of what the NWO wants for you. We are not up against an ordinary fighting force we are up against PSYCHOPATIC NWO rejects who want to eat your heart out. This fake muslim is nothing but a druid in disguise.

Please see my previous posts where i discuss why events like this happen. I have discussed the heart symbolism at length.

If the elites dont put a stop to this we will have no choice but to kill them all. DRUIDS AND PREISTS AND MASONS BE WARNED>>NEVER CROSS MY PATH I WILL DESTROY YOU. It's time for these people to DIE. The batman movie results in the people killing the elites..if thats what they want then lets go..i vote we eat obamas heart 1st.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Say what you see = Idolatry!

For many years it has been obvious to me that there are far too many people who have a lot to say about God, nearly all of it negative, that have in fact never read the bible. They may be lapsed religious people or people who's faith never had anything to do with the bible to begin with but the one thing that they all display in abundance is their complete ignorance of the bible and biblical matters.

So i am going to try to elucidate some of these people by addressing the subject of IDOLATRY.

Idolatry is defined as
1: the worship of a physical object as a god.
2: immoderate attachment or devotion to something.
Now these definitions may be correct up to a point but they really don't capture the essence of what idolatry actually is.
A more accurate definition would be

                                                           SERVE WHAT YOU SEE.

What this means is that you worship objects, objects that are definitely real and extent to the five senses. It does not include imaginary beings and is totally centered on the physical or material world. Some examples of idolatry are the worship of trees, rocks, gia or the earth, other planets and stars.

Ancestor worship which was often combined with idolatry is not in itself a form of idolatry unless you believe your ancestors soul is a physical object. This may have been the case within the Druidic society as it is clear from myth and legend that they saw the Aurora borealis as the physical manifestation of their ancestors souls. 

So why am i telling you all this. Well it has been obvious to me for a long time that our earthly battles against the New World Order is in fact a battle nay a war against the Druids and Idolaters of this world. The remnants of the Druidic gnostic cultures has been a plague upon this earth as they have put the well being of physical objects like tress above HUMAN life and still to this day hold firm to those beleafs. The day that i believe a tree has more worth than a person is the day i kill myself. Even the most unworthy person has more value than a tree.

Here's what the American govt wants you to do right now.

They want you to SAY WHAT YOU SEE. They want you to be like robotic morons by both copying and repeating what you see on TV and they want you to rat out your friends and family who don't agree with the current psychopathic behaviour of the US govt.

The above clip is from a former UK TV show called Catchphrase. The motto of the show was SAY WHAT YOU SEE.

This is the current approach of the Druidic lepers. They desire a huge number of people to take this idea to heart and become like the retarded game show contestants frantically pressing their buzzers in order to get to speak.

1) You Must ask Permission to speak.
2) When told you can speak you Must "SAY WHAT YOU SEE".
3) If you correctly SAID WHAT YOU SAW you will be rewarded for having followed the rules and behaving like a retarded robot.

This is classic MIND CONTROL. reward behaviour that's deemed "good" and punish behaviour usually via ridicule that's deemed bad. If you didn't say what you saw you were wrong and should be laughed at.

This last part is crucial as no one likes being laughed at unless they made a joke. If what you said wasn't what you saw then it will be ignored.


You were told by the govt what happened. You saw it happen on TV therefore you should "SAY WHAT YOU SAW" or keep your mouth shut. The trouble is that a huge number of people saw through the magic trick this time round. Much like when a magician performs the same trick over and over again eventually a large proportion of the audience will at some stage see through the trick and instead of being amazed and perplexed they say..."HEY THE CARDS UP YOUR SLEEVE ASSHOLE".

Every "EVENT" in the coming weeks and months will be a trick staged by DRUIDS AND PRIESTS.

They want you to "SAY WHAT YOU SEE" when these events happen as that's how magic works. If your eyes believe the card disappeared or the lady was really sawn in two then the elites will remain happy little psychopaths torturing this world like a child who tortures a fly or an ant.

The reality is though they want you to "SERVE WHAT YOU SEE" and be like them.

The reality is that the Druids were total psychopaths who burned you to death if you didn't fall for their tricks. Anyone who didn't "serve what they saw" was deemed to be an enemy of the state and the altar of sacrifice was what awaited them. When too many people didn't toe the line and "serve what they saw" they would construct a large wicker man and burn them all alive as an offering to their ancestors the Aurora.

Christ tried to stop all this madness by taking the place of the sacrificial lamb. It doesn't matter what you believe about Christ this aspect is the most important and is demonstrably a fact. His aim was to stop the sacrifice of people to trees, ancestors and heavenly bodies and for a short time he succeeded. Everything the Druids do revolves around trying to get people to believe that Christ never existed. In this day and age if you tell people that you believe in Christ you will be ridiculed for not "SERVING WHAT YOU SEE".

The biggest problem is that these sacrifices to Idols and ancestors is still happening today. In the past the Druids would organise a mass sacrifice event aligned with a stellar event for instance an eclipse of the Sun or Moon. The people would be warned of this upcomming sacrifice months in advance by the Druids who expected them to show up at the sacred hill or other site deemed to be sacred at the appointed time to view the sacrifice and to offer their worship.

The Batman movie and the Family Guy episode were modern day examples of the Driuds warning the people that in a short time, appointed by them, that there would be a sacrifice. The sacrifice is to be very public and is designed to shock the people into obedience. For those of you that cant wrap their head around the MASS rituals though i shall instead provide you with a very recent example of modern day ritual sacrifice and how it works.

"A three-day-old baby was thrown on a bonfire and burned to death in an horrific ritual because a cult leader had decided she was the antichrist and that the end of the world was near."

The baby's mother, 25-year-old Natalia Guerra, had allegedly approved the sacrifice. Miguel Ampuero, of the Police investigative Unit, Chile's equivalent of the FBI, said: 'The baby was naked. 'They strapped tape around her mouth to keep her from screaming. Then they placed her on a board. 'After calling on the spirits they threw her on the bonfire alive.' Police said Castillo Gaete, the ringleader, was last seen traveling to Peru to buy ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic brew plant that he used to control the members of the rite. 

 All those involved with this heinous act were professional adults with careers. Do a search for missing children, the sick reality of missing children is that this is what happens to most of them. They are more often than not sacrificed by sick bastards who deserve a tortured death. I hate them all and have vowed privately and publicly to seek them out and destroy them. If you are reading this and have druidic beliefs i hope you die roaring you pathetic excuse for a human. 

This is what we are up against and unfortunately it doesn't just involve 12 psychopaths that should be skinned and tortured to death imo. We are up against Druids, Masons & Priests all of whom have rejected the teachings of Christ and instead choose to worship Baal and the Grove. So if you believe that no man called Christ ever existed then it requires that you explain why all this idolatry was stopped in Europe for centuries save for the last remnants of Druidism who continued their satanic worship through to the modern day. Satan is Baal. Satan was Saturn. A planet. They worshiped a planet ffs and they used drugs to convince people that the spirits that spoke to them while drugged was the voices of their God and ancestors. It was all mind control from day 1. 

Now there is much more to be said about this subject and the so called spirits but if you cant grasp why this is wrong you don't deserve to understand. Christ was literally the saviour of millions of people as he saved them from sacrifice without just cause. Christ was descended from the same line of Jewish kings so had the authority to speak. He choose to scream at the top of his voice STOP THIS MADNESS. He choose to tell the people that all their fake gods were just that..FAKES. He begged the Pharisees to invoke Baal to do something to prove his existence and they couldn't. 

He told the people to love one another and to worship the creator of the universe if they were to worship at all. He told them that this creator didn't require their sacrifice and instead just sought that they obey basic rules for living which involved not causing harm to others and having respect for others and the creator of the universe. Druids don't want that. They want your obedience or they will kill you publicly. Remember the current catholic church are not followers of Christ. They are Baal and Sun worshipers.

I'll sum up by saying IT DOESNT MATTER IF JESUS CHRIST EXISTED. The result of the Christ story was that thousands of people spread throughout Europe spreading the message that people no longer had to sacrifice their children because a bunch of crazy druids said they did. This fucked up the druids world domination and power structure. The druids were the OLD WORLD ORDER. The Jews did exactly what the druids did so a man called Jesus who was of their line called a stop to it because he had the authority by his ancestral lineage to do so.

When Jefferson said the New World Order isn't new and isn't order that is what he meant. When Akenaton said there is only one God the Druids killed him and scrubbed him from existence so none of the people who came after would know. When Rome adopted Christianity it adopted a Druidic version of it to keep the peace. All the former roman generals became the new bishops and priests. The druids became the Monks and priests and the Emperor became the pope. The psychotic military of Rome was merged with the power of the druids to control via belief and the Jewish control via money. They in turn endowed kings with authority to collect TAX.

This was all done to preserve order but the people grew in power and for hundreds of years Europe was relatively peaceful. Then plague wiped them all out and the Druids rose to power via Technology. They learned to worship at the altar of Technocracy until they could devise a machine to KILL US ALL.

Then they invented the Atom bomb. Invented by a substantial number of allegedly atheist Jews and also invented by a number of Druids like Jack Parsons. These psychopaths now had a weapon that could burn a massive amount of people in an instant as a huge SACRIFICE to their idols. Then they used it and killed millions. Then they refined it and now they have approx 60,000 of them. For 70 years now this threat of mass ritual sacrifice was held over the people, in my opinion it's only a matter of time before they use it again.

True to form the day after i write this NASA announces news from Saturn


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Batman & St Swithuns Sandy Hook Baal Worship Ritual

The entire Batman Ritual revolves around this central figure known as BAAL or in Ireland Balor of the Baleful eye. Balor was both a personification of the planet Saturn and a real man of giant proportions descended from Magog and Noah. Trust me it is no coincidence that a guy called Christian Bale was chosen to play the Bat. Below in the video you can see how the elites view Baal through Bowie who is also an occult psycho. The story of Baal/Balor is linked below. the Irish story begins like this from The Book of Invasions

"Cesair was the leader of the first invasion in Ireland. Cesair was the daughter of Bith and granddaughter of Noah. Cesair was denied admission to the Ark, so she left 40 days before the Flood arrived.
Cesair arrived at Dun na mBarc (in Co. Cork), Ireland, with 50 other women, and three men. She married Fintan Mac Bochra. The three men were to divide the women among them, as well as dividing Ireland into three. They hoped they could populate Ireland, but two of the men died.

When the fifty women all turned their attention to Fintan, he saw that they were placing too much responsibility on him, so he fled from Ireland, by turning himself into a salmon. Cesair died from a broken heart. Without a single man on the isle, the other women also perished."

 You were lied to other people survived the flood!

 Irish version that scholars want you to believe isn't true. 

Semetic Version the jews wish you wouldnt read.

This is balor you know him as Baal and Darth vader and Batman. The story of Lugh and balor is the story of luke and darth. Obe wan was Nuada.
 They are psychopaths and they want you dead! They must Sacrifice you in ritual fashion. When Seth MC Farlane made his family cartoon he was invoking a magickal act. He was invoking Baal to act in the real world through his agents who have all sworn oaths to serve him. 

Obama is the corporeal manifestation of Baal and he has brainwashed an entire nation into believing his act. Anyone that thinks it's merely coincidence that when you play Obamas Yes we Can chanting backwards and it just happens to say "SERVE SATAN" is an idiot who has no idea what he is dealing with


 Even Obamas signature is a Sigil. By adding just one straight line it become Osiris penis. Even without adding the line it is still a sigil but it is a planetary sigil showing a fractured world.

  We are dealing with psychopaths. Christopher Nolan & Christian BAAL are occult actors of extreme proportions. They have made a mind control film which is actually provoking current events. The film was a declaration of intentions and WILL. They intend to bring about the nuclear elements of the film and have left sick and twisted clues throughout every single scene. 

Their endgame will involve St Swithuns and fascinatingly if you draw a straight line from St Swithuns in Winchester to Stonehenge and carry it forward from there it passes straight through The Millennium Stadium and also passes right over the alleged secret base under and near the Severn Tunnel The route also passes close by to numerous nuclear power stations on the welsh coast near Bristol that have featured in Dr Who plots involving characters that are mind controlled.

The Hand Of Fear Part 1 by tardismedia The mind control starts from about here

The Hand Of Fear Part 3 by tardismedia

Also of note the lighthouse in the bay between Bristol and Cardiff closely resembles the lighthouse in I Pet Goat 2.

But St Swithuns is the key as it was St Swithun that was being spoken about while James Holmes allegedly killed all those people in the Aurora Shooting. The Druids believed their gods lived in the Aurora Borealis.


This comic book was written by Grant Morrison and he must be laughing his ass off now as its all coming true after a fashion. Margaret Thatcher is dead and apparent mind controlled killers are rampaging through schools and cinemas in America...(ALLEGEDLY) Here Morrison explains how sigils work.
As you can see our world is being manipulated by BAD MAgickians run AMOK who are performing tricks for their true lord BAAL. The St swithuns comic is all about a mind controlled idiot who seeks enlightenment and desires to scare the elites. Coincidence after coincidence. One thing that really struck me as odd can be illustrated by these photos below. St swithun has a statue in his cathedral and the image of the person in the statue looks incredibly like James Holmes.


 Notice the demonic looking and feeling head that sits alongside St Swithun. Also of note in London at 111 Cannon Street at the site of another church called St Swithun and within the confines of the City of London is the London Stone. from wiki.. London Stone has been identified as a "mark-stone" on several ley lines passing through central London).It has also entered the psychogeographical writings of Iain Sinclair as an essential element in London's "sacred geometry" There are two recent additions to the mythology surrounding London Stone.

The first claims that Dr John Dee, astrologer, occultist and adviser to Queen Elizabeth I, "was fascinated by the supposed powers of the London Stone and lived close to it for a while" and may have chipped pieces off it for alchemical experiments; the second that a legend identifies it as the stone from which King Arthur pulled the sword to reveal that he was rightful king. The first of these may have been inspired by the fictionalised John Dee of Peter Ackroyd's novel The House of Doctor Dee. Both these "legends" seem first to be recorded on the website h2g2 in 2002.

The Batman film ends with a scene in the coffee shop on the Greenwich Meridian as can be seen in the locations guide.

So for those of you that don't know about the Sandy Hook US government hoax and the fact that a Sacrificial Leyline from Teotihuacan to Stonehenge passes straight through Sandyhook here's a couple of videos. 


 Note you can draw a line straight from St Swithun to Stonehenge to Millennium Stadium Cardiff and well the bat cave shown in the film was actually shot in Wales along with many other locations in Britain which you can check out here. These people are psychopaths who worship a demonic entity while telling you to not believe in gods. They have actually gone as far as developing gene therapy vaccines that will remove your belief in god and the belief of your children. 

They wanted us to see through the Sandy Hook Hoax. Just like the Batman film they need the reaction to then take action. The fake was designed to provoke a reaction.

They have the genes of their ancient hosts and have been manipulating their own genes for a long time through breeding specifically Line breeding which as you can see is a method to preserve the original ancestors genes. We must expose them as the psychopaths they are. They will do everything in their power to make anyone who tries to expose them look insane. They will label them as pedos call them conspiracy theorists or just have them publicly disgraced.

 The only way to fight is to change the narrative to one where people accept that their leaders are psychopaths. You don't pussy about with a psycho you lock him up or you take him out there's no other options. Right now the psychos are running amok conducting global rituals with impunity. This has to stop. The line needs to be drawn soon or it will be too late.
And if you discover ANYTHING thats actually important thats not allready on the internet they will kill you and make it look like you did it.
Remember we are dealing with psychopaths with near infinite resources. Expose their psychopathic nature and their rituals will fall apart.

Sandy Hook indicated bottom left with the stadium above it. Will they attack the Millenium Stadium which sits beside Old Camelot on a ley line from stonehenge and St Swithuns.
Their final acts in the Batman Ritual will be in Europe and involve a nuclear power station or a bomb. If they follow their pattern so far they will seek to crack open the tectonic plates of the earth as it is said balor rests under the earth near Camelot/Ireland/Wales vicinity. This will be a reversal of Christs sacrifice over the cracked rocks above the Arc of the Covenant. Instead they will sacrifice the people so that their blood flows down through the rocks and flows onto Baals grave. They will crack open the tectonic plates and release the waters from under the earth.

The story of ireland and wales histories are replete with lakes and wells springing up. This is what moses did many years ago. The jewish people to this day are the experts at breaking stones specifically diamonds and gems but rocks are no different and when you step out of line you are sent to break rocks in prison.

You can fool some of the people all the time and you had me fooled for a while but i know I'm dealing with psychotic fools who are destined for pain. I wont be fooled again. Ricin is the expert on these mind control story lines and has made a detailed study of these entities in the video below please watch it as it explains a great deal. note he makes a mistake and identifies Baal with Christ and this is actually their reverse symbolism at work. Baal is Christs total opposite his mirror his perfect reflection. Also the Hell Boy film makes the mistake of confusing Nuada who is Obewan with balor the evil King. Irish history fixes this ambiguity.
The Family Bloodline Of Israel- Going After Baal And The Grove- Christmas Under Another Name