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So who are THE NINE really? Do they exist? Are the just a fiction created from other older stories that certain groups needed to continue telling and have chosen a new medium for their tale? Are they the ancient Gods of Egypt?
More excerpts from The Stargate Conspiracy and discussion.......

A Momentous Revelation:

"Their precise identity was revealed in September 1974 in a channelling session with Schlemmer, in response to a question asked by Gene Roddenberry: 'To whom am I talking? do you have a name?'`Tom replied:

"As you know I am the spokesman for The Nine. But I also have another position, which I have with you in the project. I will try to give you names so you understand in what you work and who we are. I may not pronounce who I am in a manner that you will understand because of the problem in the beings brain (His Name for Schlemmer), but I will explain so that the doctor (Puharich) perhaps will understand. I am Tom, but I am also Harmarkus ( Harmarchis), I am also Harenkur, I am also known as TUM and I am known as ATUM".

At this stage I would like to point some simple mistakes that have been made. You see in order to make this believable the entranced subject must give us some details to substantiate who and what it is. The Gods would hardly expect us to believe in them if they offer us no evidence of their existence. Wait a minute hasn't that been the way most of the mainstream religions have worked through the ages. We are asked to have faith and offered no proof. Why in this case are we suddenly being offered proof of their supposed existence? Proof that seems ambiguous and contradictory at that.

Why can the Alien being use the English language perfectly correctly in certain circumstances but not in others. Tom seems to understand how and where to use the word THE yet on either side of his exclamation that he isn't speaking correctly he slips in a couple of grammatical errors. How does he know that he isn't speaking in accordance with what the questioner is expecting to hear? How does he know that the expression "In what you work and who we are" doesn't make sense grammatically. If he said "In what WE work AT and who we are" all would have been fine and there would have been no need to even talk about his incorrect use of English. Is THE PROBLEM with THE BEINGS brain that when occupied by an alien being she is unable to use the words WE & AT. Why does Tom say The Problem instead of A Problem. He has used the word THE several times correctly why the sudden change preceded by an EXCUSE for poor grammar? Why does a supreme being that is part of an Intergalactic Council feel the need to make excuses to Gene Roddenberry for this? Is Gene Roddenberry that important that A GOD should apologise to HIM?Well is He.

Why does the being say I will TRY to give you names instead of I will give you names. He does go on to immediately give four names in total. Did that take a lot of effort to say those names. I will try implies that he may not be able to yet he spouts out 4 different names in quick succession. I can imagine this Schlemmer woman huffing and puffing like the channelling is taking is out of her at the start. She begins by leading gene by saying AS YOU KNOW, She then establishes Authority by calling herself the Spokesman. She then implies that this may be difficult and makes excuses for the beings intermittent lack of knowledge when it comes to the correct use of the English language. She then implies that this might just all be a little bit over Genes head and that the clever doctor might understand and be able to explain it to him. This appears to be all that was conveyed that day. Whew that was hard wasn't it. Thank you God for that wonderful knowledge you have imparted to us my life is now complete..........

" The next day, following up the Harmarchis, Puharich asked: 'How did the Egyptians come to build and name the Sphinx after you? Tom replied:"

"You have found the secret. (A pause for consultation) The true knowledge of that will be related to you at another time. Buy I will say briefly to you concerning the Sphinx: I am the beginning. I am the end. I am the Emissary. But the original time that I was on the Planet Earth was 34,000. I am the balance. And when I say I - I mean because I am an Emissary for the NINE. It is not I, but it is the group.....We are the NINE principles of the UNIVERSE, yet together we are one."

What we have in this segment is funny. The being clearly demonstrates that he understands the concept Of oneness by using the term I, 4 times. Realizing that she went over the top with the I 's an excuse is thrown in at the end. "It is not I" , "but it is the Group" what a farce. The being understands perfectly our definition of space time by calling it the Universe, which apparently hasn't changed in definition in thousands of years. He understands that we refer to the Sphinx as the Sphinx yet he cant use grammar. Are we to take it then that the definition of the Universe as it was when this was spoken is the true and only correct definition of the Universe. You can if you like, but I think that this poor excuse for an actress is so full of it I'm surprised she didn't explode. What a sad way to attract attention to yourself. What a sad little person she must have been. Teamed up with The Master Mind Controller Puharich the act was probably convincing.

Did this experience affect Gene Roddenberry. Is there evidence for the NINE in the programs he has made. His experience was in 1974 in 1979 we had a return of the Enterprise with Star Trek the Motion Picture.

In the wake of Star Trek's popularity in the early 1970s as a result of newborn Trek fandom and syndication, there were several failed attempts to produce a Trek feature film, starting in 1974. A number of ideas were seriously pitched for a film to be entitled Star Trek II. These included "The God Thing" by Gene Roddenberry about a vessel visiting Earth claiming to be God, a story by Harlan Ellison about alien reptiles changing Earth's past to make snakes evolutionarily dominant, and "The Planet of the Titans."[3][4]

Skipping forward in time and many other syncs. Lets take a close look at DEEP SPACE NINE.

Conceived in 1991, shortly before Gene Roddenberry’s death, DS9 centers on the space station Deep Space Nine, which is under the joint control of the United Federation of Planets and Bajor, a planet recently liberated from a long, brutal Cardassian occupation

Benjamin Sisko (Avery Brooks), the Human Starfleet officer placed in charge of Deep Space Nine. At the start of the series, he is a grieving widower and father of a teenage son. He and Jadzia Dax discover the Bajoran wormhole, which the Bajorans believe is the home of the Prophets, their gods and protectors. The Bajorans hail Sisko as the Emissary of the Prophets, an exalted religious status that initially makes him very uncomfortable.

It's not like he's trying to hide it is he. There are countless syncs in Star Trek and most are sitting on the surface in plain view. Two rather curious syncs revolve around Kira Nerys and Chancellor Gowran who both appeared in episodes of MacGyver alongside the Stargate/Atlantis chasing Ricky Dean Anderson. Nana Visitor who plays Kira stared alongside MacGyver in an episode where he is trying to cap an Oil well fire single handedly. At one point in the story MacGyver exclaims that He is not PERFECT yet but he will be some day. I will save the MacGyver syncs for another time as there are so many it is beyond belief. Anyway DS9 gives us Stargate Gods 9 of them, that live in a higher Dimension. It also gives us an Emissary who just happened to go to the that's MASON Gross theatrical shcool. Note: In the real world Atum sat upon the BENBEN stone and in DS9 BEN BEN SISKO goes to find the Gods who live in a STARGATE and saves them using a stone ORB that he finds on a desolate planet that looks a lot like Mars.

The Emissary receives his instructions from the wormhole/stargate gods in the form of visions. It is interesting to note that in an episode called "Far Beyond the Stars", He is swept away in a vision where he plays the role of a science fiction writer called Benny Russell in 1950's NewYork. The Russell part may be a reference to Kurt Russell the first man ever to pass through the Stargate on TV. As part of this plot he receives the storyline of DS9 in visions. The character of Chief O'Brien also plays the part of a sci-fi writer based on Isaac Asimov.[1]
Benny Russell appears in another vision in the episode "
Shadows and Symbols".

So as you have been sitting at home watching Star Trek thinking isn't this a quaint innocent little vision of the future, you have actually been duped by a high degree FreeMason who believes people like Phylis Schlemmer and The Council of Nine.

"Tom claims to be Atum the ancient Egyptian creator god of whom the Sphinx was created as a living image (Sheshep-ankhAtum), the head of the Great Ennead of Nine Gods, which the ancient Egyptians regarded asNine that are One. Tom has also said that we are the universe which again represents the old Heliopolitan belief."

"the Egyptians themselves actually referred to the Heliopolitan gods as The Nine"

Heliopolis.Pyramid Texts,

The most important of the Egyptian Enneads, the so-called Great Ennead (also called the Heliopolis Ennead) consisted of Atum, the first god, his children Shu and Tefnut, and their descendants Geb, Nut, Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nephthys.

Getting back to DS9 which we now know is based on a mad woman's hypnotic musings Gene a name which I think is an astounding sync in itself provides us with what may be a very valuable clue. The wormhole aliens/gods have provided the people with guidance in the form of the "Tears of the Prophets or ORBs)

Tears of the Prophets or Orbs are a set of artifacts which featured prominently in the story arcs of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. According to Bajoran religious tradition, they were sent to the Bajoran people from the Prophets to help guide them, hence their name.The Bajoran orbs are somewhat mysterious in that they defy scientific analysis. They are hourglass-shaped and emanate light and a visible field of energy. Each Orb has a unique power or property; some will create visions, others (such as the Orb of Time), can actually transport a person to another time. After an Orb encounter, individuals may experience later visions known as orb shadows. Although medical science explains these residual hallucinations as the result of excess neuropeptides in the brain, Bajorans believe that Orb shadows only result when individuals ignore what their Orb experience had told them.

The first four of the nine original Orbs are named in Deep Space Nine. The fifth, the Orb of Memory, is featured but not directly named. The tenth Orb, the Orb of the Emissary, is also named. The remaining Orbs (6-9) are identified in various Star Trek novels. Bajorans believe the devices were sent by the Prophets to communicate with the Bajoran people. As gifts from their gods, these orbs are highly prized, kept in ornate jeweled cases and conventionally guarded by force fields. Nine such orbs, at least five of which were found in the Denoris Belt, were recovered by the Bajoran people during their long history. Of these nine, many were stolen or desecrated by the Cardassians during the Cardassian Occupation, and at least one is known to have fractured {i.e The Storyteller"}. A tenth Orb, the Orb of the Emissary, was discovered by Captain Benjamin Sisko on the planet Tyree. This Orb was (presumably) hidden there by his mother, Sarah Sisko, who is one of the Prophets.

Tyree - Desolate, uninhabited planet where the Prophet's "Orb of the Emissary" artifact was hidden. Or MARS which the last time I checked was fairly desolate......

From Thoth Architect of the Universe, by Ralph Ellis.

"And King Solomon sent and fetched Hiram out of Tyre. he was a widows son out of the tribe of Napthali, and his father was a man of Tyre, a worker in brass....For he cast two Pillars of Brass, of 18 cubits apiece: and a line of twelve cubits did encompass either of them about." Ben Siskos was the son of a Widowed prophet who took human form to have Ben Ben, She the left this plane of existence and did not die leaving behind a Widower in Ben Sisko's father Joseph Sisko who happened to play the Brass when his son played piano.

Hiram, King of Tyre, is credited in 2 Samuel 5:11 and 1 Kings 5:1-10 for having sent building materials and men for the original construction of the Temple in Jerusalem. Just like Hiram Abif, Ben Sisko is tested for his integrity when stabbed while back home on earth. Will Ryker also played the Brass numerous times on board the Enterprise, I wonder....hasnt he done quite a few UFO specials for discovery channel.

The important sync is that in Bladerunner "Dr. Eldon Tyrell is the genius who has built up the large Pyramid shaped Tyrell Corporation. His creations are Replicants, some of which have been given away as an incentive for people to emigrate to the Off-World colonies. Others are used in combat to protect those settlers. Roy Batty, along with J.F. Sebastian, finds Tyrell, and asks him to extend his life beyond the four-year limit built into Nexus Six replicants. However, this is impossible-after the mutiny, when the limit was implemented, they were instead given superhuman capabilities in order to ensure maximum performance in this limited time-capabilities that burn them out like falling stars. As Tyrell states, "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very brightly, Roy." Upon hearing this, Batty crushes Tyrell's head with his bare hands."

The Replicants came from MARS and Just like the Indigo's they burn bright but for how long. Where is it that Hoagland and the boys want us to visit so that we can see the "FACE" for ourselves. Do they believe that by going to Mars they will find something there like a HALL of Records or better yet an ORB. Do they believe any of this shit or are they just trying to create a world religion under false pretenses. Is there any other way to set up a religion?

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