Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Non Lethal Weapons Targeting UK Youths with High Pitched Sound

Here is an excerpt from a news item I came across today. The Mosquito is the newest developement in people suppression. It targets young people by emitting a high pitched sound that "Alledgedly" only the under 25's can hear. There is no mention of the damage it could do to young children who get exposed and tormented by this sadistic new form of people suppression. There is also no mention of the technology that could affect those over 25. If a form of suppression has been developed for younger people you can bet your bottom worthless dollar that there already exists a weapon to target us older folks.
Accoring to one female youth interviewed on Sky who in my opinion was not the sharpest tool in the box, the device " gives you LIKE a headache which LIKE goes LIKE away when you walk LIKE away from the area" she also said " It LIKE lasts for LIKE 5 minutes but then LIKE goes away". So they choose to LIKE interview the dumbest bitch in all of LIKE England to prove that LIKE the device is infringing on LIKE "BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS".
"Device is a pain in the ear for teensSunderland Echo. 24 October 2007.Shopkeepers in Sunderland say a controversial new device which emits a noise unbearable to teenagers has been a big success at curbing antisocial behaviour. The Mosquito device has been criticised by young people and experts who say it breaches human rights and may have unknown health impacts. But the system's manufacturers say the device is perfectly safe and shopkeepers who have started using the device, which emits a shrill tone painful to young people, say they have seen a dramatic drop in antisocial behaviour."
"Gurmes Chatta, 54, runs a general dealers on Chiswick Road, Hylton Castle, an area where teenagers regularly congregate. In recent years he has seen damage done to his shop by yobs kicking footballs and has suffered verbal abuse. But now Mr Chatta says the problems have virtually been wiped out by his Mosquito device, which emits a high-pitch tone audible only to people under 25 over a 50metre area. "
"The noise the system produces is so unbearable that Mr Chatta even caught one yob beating the Mosquito box with a broom handle to try and make it stop. "I think it cost me about £630 and it's been worth every penny," he said. "It's stopped all the trouble on a night time."Mr Chatta's main concern with young people in the area was the teenagers who play football on the patch of grass outside his shop. He said they often kick footballs at his window and cause damage to his shop front."
"A 'MOSQUITO' could be used to chase teenagers off the streets of Banff in a new scheme to tackle anti-social behaviour.But it is not the insect variety that will 'sting' youths and drive them away from trouble hot-spots: it is a futuristic device which emits unpleasant, very high-pitched sounds that only teenagers can hear."
"Grampian Police are not revealing exactly where they plan to experiment with the hi-tech gizmo, but it will be piloted in Banff, they say. It could also be set up in other towns and villages."

Mosquito™ Standard MSTD-001Mosquito™ - Standard unit on its own

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