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Heath ledger and The Five Points of the Rennes le Chateau part 3

Who is God? Who is Man? How many have been murdered over this Question?

As long as there has been a "ONE TRUE GOD", there has been killing in "His" name!

But what about killing in "Her" name? I think that plenty of that has gone on too. Was Heath Ledger murdered "in the name of the Mother" goddess that is. Was he murdered at all or did he take his own life or even better was it just an accident? I have to admit that when I first heard the news I feared some occult transaction had taken place. It was all too weird that day, with the Amy Winehouse crack scandal making more headlines than the stock market mini meltdown, the news about Ledger dieing just put the icing on the cake for the media.

Instantly I thought to myself start looking for odd connections from his past. Who has he worked with? What kind of films did he make? It was only while rereading The DaVinvi Code Decoded by Martin Lunn and I saw that Heath had died on the 92nd Anniniversary of Berenger Saunieres death namely 22 Jan 2008 that I was convinced something untoward had occurred that day. Little was I to know then about the movie rabbit hole I was about to descend into.

I was going to discuss "Mind Control" but have opted to leave that juicy little number until the end. For now we are going to just drift about the life and times of a Goddess worshipper and see where it leaves us. I can promise some of the usual odd synchs and a pearler to finish.

We shall begin with this still from The Da Vinci Code. At the beginning of the film Tom Hanks is giving a talk about symbols and a sequence of photos are flashed up behind him. within that sequence there is only one Tarot card depicted and it is "The Hanging Man" card discussed in the last post. There are two versions shown one after the other and both have a clear resemblance to that card.

Crowley's card emphasises the water element a little more than most.

There are a large number of instances where heath is pictured beside a gallows for hanging or is sentenced to be hung and I will list them in the next post.

Just prior to Hanks giving his talk we get a lingering shot of water that is on the table for the speaker to drink. I believe this lingering shot of the water to be a symbolic reference to the water element of the four natural forces. This shot below also depicts the hanging man.

The Sauniere character paints the sign of the Goddess Venus in blood on his own chest as he dies.

In real life both Berenger Sauniere and Heath Ledger died on 22 Jan within the confines of a geographical Pentacle.

As Hanks speaks the Sauniere character in the film is being murdered in the Louvre. This of course bears no resemblance to reality where Berenger Sauniere the milionaire priest died in Rennes le Chateau. What is interesting though is that he is murdered and decides to position his body in the Vitruvian Man pose and smear the Pentacle Goddess Symbol on to his chest. What is even more interesting is that he is murdered by someone who Heath Ledger had worked with before one Paul Bettany. Now Bethany is the biblical house of Lazarus and this does fit in nicely with the Biblical Archetype structure that I have adopted in the past. I think it is possible to say at this stage that I feel that John the Baptist is The Hanging Man archetype and that Jesus Christ is The Fool archetype and that Heath is more associated with the hanging man as the Fool usually kills the King. I will delve more into this later.
Paul Bettany kills Sauniere in the DaVinci code.

In this shot below when Ledger first encounters Paul Bettany there is mention of John the Baptist in an exchange between the two characters. Also rather oddly Bettany appears naked at the start of both a Knights tale and the DaVinci Code. This also provides us with another link between Heath and the Merovingian Kings as Bettany gives Heath the JTB "point"

A naked Paul Bettany about to torture himself for Jesus as a member of Opus Dei. Remember Sauniere built the Villa Bethania at Rennes le Chateau.
It is at this stage that I would like to mention what I consider to be a crucial point. Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince have observed in their other books that 1/ Davinci was a Johanite not a Christian and that his works bear this out. 2/ They say that it is infact DaVinci on the Turin shroud and that he is mocking the Catholic Papacy by putting himself in the fake shroud. They also say that he has included what they describe as The John the Baptist finger point in a number of his works. If this is correct then I feel that the connection is obvious. The John the Baptist archetype = Hanging Man archetype = Goddess lover Adonis archetype.

Here we have a picture of the Turin Shroud.

This is a picture ledger had commissioned of himself weeks before he died. I think this picture reflects his state of mind at the time of his death but i am also struck by the similarity of this picture to both the Turin Shroud above and the picture below.

This picture below is one that the McCann family had released at the time of Ledgers death. It was released to the media by Clarence Mitchell their high profile spin doctor and was described by many print media as "The Beast". The Porto police instantly dismissed this photofit saying it was considered and disregarded in the first weeks of the investigation. The McCanns claim this man stole their daughter. Heath was involved in a search for 12 young virgins that had to be sacrificed to the goddess in The Brothers Grimm. Was Madeleine Mccann a sacrifice to the Goddess?

I love this shot below and too be honest I feel that ultimately whatever is going on these days has a lot to do with the concept it symbolises. The symbol the bank that is used to store the Cryptex uses is of course OZ that stargate resonator of the highest order.

I think this shot below is actually a depiction of Heath looking into his own personal stargate. He is using this ring as a target for his lance in a knights tale.

Now I am going to link the two concepts of Madeleine and Ledger again. Below we have Hanks giving the male symbol to the Goddess Audrey Tautou who plays Agent Sophie Neveu. Now Miss Tautou a name with a resonance of its own has also popped up on our grids before as "Amelie". Think back to the many discussions we had about our most recent MM resonator Madeleine McCann. It was observed that Madeleine had a sister who was a twin named Amelie. It was also noted that the plot of the film "Amelie" Fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain, Le contained a rather strange relationship between the child and her Doctor father. Gerry McCann and his wife both being medical Doctors this was duly noted by the synchromesh. Also noteworthy is the circumstances of how Princess Sophie came to be in Saunieres care in the first place. Her parents are killed in an accident and she is abducted from the wreckage by Sauniere who poses as her grandfather. She is only 4 when she is abducted by the Priory Grandmaster. What if Madeleine was abducted for some parallel purpose.

Of course the ultimate nature of the Graal is revealed to be Audrey Tautou as she eventually finds out that she is a direct descendant of Christ. Below Ian McKellen reciprocates with the feminine symbol which resembles a cup or chalice and explains why the graal identity could be kept secret for so long as everyone was searching for treasure. I wonder where that will leave our Madeleine theories when fully taken into account.

A number of masked Goddess and their symbol the pentacle are present at a sex ritual where the grandmaster Sauniere is shown in the middle having sex.

In the previous article I discussed the concept of Venus's Son in a quote from Lynn Picknett. I am going to pick that thread up again. Here is the quote....

"Venus the archetypal of the arts of love and womens secrets, an unashamedly sexual deity, gave her name not only to "venereal disease" and "venery", but perhaps, some claim, also more courteously to Venice, the city of her element as "Stella Maris" ("Star of the Sea" a title she shared with Isis and much later the Virgin Mary)."

"Originally like Diana Venus was a huntress a "Lady of Animals" whose horned consort was Adonis both the Hunter and Sacrificial Stag which became "Venison" or "Venus's Son".

Below we have Heaths practice shield and it is the Stag. Heath is also positioned beside more stags heads in the film Monster's Ball were he plays Billy Bob Thornton son "Sonny". Billy Bob shows how easy it is to defeat racism in this film by consenting to get down with the black goddess and former Batgirl Halle Berry. After watching Monsters Ball and knowing full well that according to Valentines law dictionary "A Person" is defined as "A Monster" I felt a bit disturbed. If you dont know the film let me tell you that Heath kills himself in it. He works alongside his father in an execution prison where prisoners are on death row waiting for the chair. He hates the job and life itself, the son of a mother who committed suicide. I was taken aback by Daniel day Lewis when he proclaimed it to be one of his best performances when he is only in the film for half an hour. It was definitely not his best performance in my opinion but it may have been yet another prophetic one.

Heaths Shield with Stag. Heath is referred to as Sir Hunter by the Goddess in A Knight's Tale

Its not shown in this shot below but Heath actually Sacrifices Himself with a large Venison Stags head on the wall looking down on him as he does it.

The house he lives in is literally full of Stags with the three generations of Stag males living in the same house never mind all the Stag heads as trophies on the walls.

Now I did promise a big synch to end this part with. I would like to refer you to Heaths first major film The Patriot . These five shots below are taken from the intro and first 3 minutes of the film. This first shot is for those lovers of Zeppelin synchs. Centropolis is the film makers name and resonates with stargates with its Oz like city reflecting Heliopolis and its goddess tower topped off by a Zeppelin

The very first shot is of the Corn harvest and I was struck recently by the Southpark episode about "the Sacrifice of Britney for the Corn". Sky are also currently running a celebrity programme which linked Britney with Ledger and Amy Winehouse in its narrative. So in his first major performance on the big screen Heath walks from the corn fields during harvest for his big movie debut.
As Heath is walking into shot the camera moves to the children with these strange cards.

The camera then moves back to Ledger who is walking through the corn with his gun slung in the shape of the Cross. Mel Gibson (Christ Resonator and the Fool tarot archetype)has just been narrating and has just spoken about the cross he must bear. Was Heath a sacrifice for the Corn or The Goddess or are they the same thing.

This next synch is totally whacked. Mel is weighing a chair and says the following words........

"9 pounds 11 ounces, Thats Perfect just Perfect"
911. This film The Patriot was released in the year 2000 a whole year before 911 happened.
If you dont believe me it's in the first 3 minutes so you dont have to search the film looking for it.

Heath is later sentenced to "death by hanging" as a Traitor to the Crown. Thus we have the first resonance with "the hanging man" as Heath stars in a strange film with a prophetic script.
Below are some stills from the Britney sacrifice episode. In the episode the main drift of it seems to be that there exists a demonic power capable of using people to will another person to death. The plot revolves around the fact that Britney hasnt killed herself yet. It proposes that the media is a ritualistic tool used to satisfy the gods by providing souls for sacrifice.

The idea of a sacrifice for harvest is an ancient pagan ritual. Interesting that our star Heath enters into his major career through the corn.

Miley Cyrus another Disney starlet is named as the next sacrificial lamb. It is interesting to end it here with a name that for me resonates strongly with those doggiez from sirius/cyrus


Sun Zoo said...

in my hopes of viewing the mel gibson "9 pounds 11 ounces" moment, i searched youtube using keywords THE PATRIOT THAT'S PERFECT JUST PERFECT. interestingly, the first of the 2 hits returned was for a family christ-mass tree-cutting outing posted by a certain PATRIOTLEDGER.
i synch you may be onto zomsing...

Sun Zoo said...

i neglected to provide the youtube link in previous comment:

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Damn! You have tapped into a very rich vein here! Keep at it!

One thing though- Halle Berry was Catwoman, not Batgirl. And Storm too!

Atlantean Times said...

Cheers zoo but i dont get it, how does dudes cutting down trees relate. i didnt go to their website.

Eh chris, right you are she was catwomble all right. heres one for know a fair bit about the superhero game.

another weird synch. batman falls down a well right. where he discovers his batcave. batcave as metaphor for stargate..+ well as metaphor for stargate

tom hanks also falls down a well in the davinci code. this is why he is afraid of enclosed spaces.

just thought id mention it with the batman connection.

later guys...

wise woman said...

Great stuff.

Your mention of the Monsters Ball reminded me of something I came across recently - I don't see a connection, but I try to follow where synchronicity points.

'Get that Monster off the Stage' was a radio documentary on Irish singer Finbarr Donnelly and his bands Nun Attax, Five Go Down To The Sea and Beethoven (broadcast 2001).

Donnelly drowned in the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park in 1989.

The documentary went on to win the “Radio Production of the Year” award at the O2 SMEDIA Awards 2002.

I can't help but 'see' O2 as OZ.
Wiki has this to say:

Sun Zoo said...

hey a/t...i was merely pointing out that i did a youtube search for the mel gibson clip from "The Patriot" which you alluded to at the end of your post and one of the two links was a video posted by someone named "PatriotLedger" even searching by other criteria somehow "Ledger" came full circle. sorry if that wasn't clear earlier.

aferrismoon said...

I note that CYRUS [ Persian King] is translated into Hebrew as Koresh [ KRVSh - 526].
Sorry did u say 9 pounds 11 OZs

Must read this again

Atlantean Times said...

I did indeed say 9lb 11oz..or rather Mel did indeed say those prophetic words.

When you take into account the conspiratorial interests of his father Hunter Gibson...Sir Hunter.....a Son of Venus gibson father of christ resonator mel the man who kills the king and impregnates his sons queen in Brave heart. a french princess no less. Then there is mel who also believes a cabal of jewish interests rule the world...

Odd that he would say those words at the start of a film about the future destiny of America with Mel waving the original flag in a charge against the british.

odd is one way to describe it....very odd.... said...

Robert Murat has a neice of the same age as Madeleine called Amelie.

Anonymous said...

Sauniere died in 1917 -

I'd been looking into surrealism and dadaist links to RLC some years back, 2000-2001, and found this resonance which was interesting because of the 1917 written on it and that it was displayed wrong-way round, like the Visigoth pillar in the RLC church,

The Hanged Man is another 23 - 23rd path in the Tree of Life.

I'd forgotten about that mention of the well in the DaVinci Code film; when it saw it I thought of the Ring films (the Japanese originals, can't recall if the same thing happens in the remakes). The girl that's psychic in that (her dad throws her down a well, and the films center around the effects of a videotape that emerges showing her climbing out of it, and ultimately out of the actual TV into reality) - she has all-dark eyes like a grey.

In the films if you watch the tape you die in 7 days, following a phonecall made stating such after the tape's watched; that reminded me of the TV series 7 Days (just because of the title) which was about a secret govt. stargate timetravel project!

Now that I'm thinking about that too it's reminding me of David Lynch's recent films and shorts, because of the whole theme about pinholes / camera obscuras and people using doors and entry points to go into what would seem to be TV or film worlds (INLAND EMPIRE - eg the guy that wants to 'become' a rabbit has to arrange to go through one of those doors - which I think is what the Jack character means when he says he has a secret, he means he is really that guy and wasn't always a rabbit; and Laura Dern's character keeps finding AXXION doors, one of them also 'downsizes' her to a life where she lives in a much smaller house etc - and that tied in with Mulholland Drive, as the lead suddenly finds she lives in a different place).

Atlantean Times said...

Cheers Zupa...

Im watching Louis Theroux and he is investigating |Hunters in africa of which there was of them was very Keen to kill a Zebra..who the hell wants to kill a Zebra...sick bastard...

23rd path for hanged man eh that makes sense...

Michael said...

This is a fascinating post AT. Amazing.

One more hanging man sync: April 4 was the 50th anniversary of the peace symbol, which looks like... the hanging man.

Atlantean Times said...

In fact Mick it resembles that symbol so much that the davinci code people felt so strongly about it, they incorporated the peace symbol directly before the handing man symbol in the sequence.

The pictures i have shown literally disolve out of the peace symbol...

Cheers gav..

Ps I meant what I said about that valis type science fiction scenario..the simalarities to your description are uncanny.