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Heath Ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau part 1 of 4

Heath as Jacob with his Merovingian Goddess Monica Bellucci. Monica starred as the Merovingians partner Persephone in The Matrix Reloaded

Heath died on 22 jan 2008

Berenger Sauniere who built a Tower to the Goddess at Rennes le Chateau.
Sauniere died on 22 Jan 1916

They say the trouble with the Irish is that they rely too much on dreams and not enough on gunpowder. Where as the English were shy on dreams as usual, but had plenty of the other. It is only when a dream becomes reality that real power is exorcised. The Irish have had the upper hand on most for many a year by producing more poets per square mile than anywhere else on this earth. The key to poetry is distilled information. The key to understanding is making use of all available sources of information. The 1916 Easter rising was remembered today.

Heath Ledger died of a Heart Attack in 421 Broome St, New York on 22nd Jan 2008. He was found dead by his housekeeper Mrs Solomon. The area in which Ledger was living was otherwise known as the five points. The five points of what, well a pentagram or five-pointed star also has five points. The pentagram is the symbol of the Goddess Venus as is the moon, which was rising above New York that temporal strange attractor of cities at the time of Ledgers death. New York was also in the middle of a mini market meltdown as the news filtered through.

The pentagram or five-point location system is also the symbol that Sir Gawain uses to enchant his shield as he fights in honour of Mary the Goddess. It resonates strongly with the returning goddess and planetary geometry having many meanings that have different degrees of importance. It also strongly resonates with the Beast and the five points of the Behemoth but most spectacularly of all it resonates with Sirius the brightest of the stars and possible home to some little grey galactic companions.

Exactly 92 years prior to Heathcliffs ascent to the heavens Berenger Sauniere the millionaire priest of Rennes le Chateau also died in his home of a heart attack. Sauniere and Rennes le Chateau have become infamous in conspiracy circles being linked to The Templars, The Priory of Sion and the Merovingian bloodline of MM Mary Magdalene. Sauniere died on the 22 Jan 1916 he suffered a stroke on the 17 Jan after last appearing in public on the 12th Jan where he was described as being of good health.

Just like Ledger Sauniere was found by his housekeeper a Mrs Marie Denarnaud. Marie Denarnaud had just become a very wealthy woman as just prior to his death Sauniere transferred all his assets into her name. How convenient! It is disputed how Sauniere came into his money in the first place. The most reasonable theory is that he was selling masses to the rich in order that they may buy their way in to Gods good books. It is a fact according to church records that Sauniere was found guilty of this crime.

The source of the wealth of the priest of Rennes-le-Chateau was not some ancient mysterious treasure, but good old fashioned fraud. According to canon law, priests were allowed to say up to three masses per day and to accept a fee for requested prayers for the dead. Saunière, however, had been soliciting and accepting money via the post to say thousands of masses, charging one franc per mass. Some clients would send payment for hundreds of masses, which he never actually performed. In 1906, he was summoned before the Bishop's Court in Carcassonne, where the bishopric ordered Saunière to stop advertising for masses, an order which Saunière strained every effort not to obey. Saunière's account books, detailing how much money he was receiving from the selling of masses that he could not actually perform, run into thousands of pages.

So this doesn’t look good for the conspiracy theory idea that he found something under the Alter and received some form of hush money. Alas it does not explain away what Sauniere went on to build with his money nor does it explain his distinguished visitors and his peculiar death ritual were Saunieres body was sat in front of his Magdala tower and mourners arrived each taking one of 22 tassels from his cloak.

Heathcliff Ledger was a man fascinated with nobility, chivalry and as his career progressed The Occult Forces of Nature. I have deduced this by watching every film that he stared in. I believe that as an actor and member of the Craft he was gradually being indoctrinated into things he could not understand. He was being used as part of a wider Hollywood ritual which has engulfed so many. With each role he played he did not realise that he was not playing a character as advertised but rather he was the one being played. He was moved from part to part like a knight on a chess board a game he loved so much.

Ledger was a self professed Antichrist. He did not believe in Jesus Christ and is on record saying so many times. It would appear from the occult nature of his films that he did believe in something though. “ I am the Widows son” he cries out from horseback in the film Ned Kelly. Ned Kelly was also reprised by that occult rolling stone Mr Mick Jagger. Mick could tell ya thing or two about how to capture a soul and make it sing, learning all he could from Madame Blavatsky.

I have come to the conclusion that Heathcliff Ledger resonates very strongly with one man and his name was John The Baptist or John the Forerunner the patron saint of the Nights Templar and Freemasons everywhere. I have not come to this conclusion lightly and have uncovered many strange attractors which point to my thesis being correct. Inorder to explain the whys and wherefores I am going to have to delve deep in to Heaths films and his past.

Heath grew up in Perth, Australia and attended Guildford Grammer school. He was a good student and good at sports but took a liking to acting. His first acting role was as Peter Pan.

At Guildford, where most of the sons of Western Australia's farmers were boarders, Ledger was something of a maverick. Disturbed by the school's military aspects where cadets would be trained in the use of weaponry, he instead opted for sports, playing cricket and aussi rules football and especially excelling in field hockey, making the school's First XI at a very young age. This reluctance to fight may have influenced his decision to play Harry Feversham in The Four Feathers the remake of the 1939 film by Zoltan Korda. There are some very strange synchs involving the Korda clan and Heathcliff, which I shall leave till later.

Having taught himself to dance like his hero Gene Kelly (another lifetime norm, this self-tuition, Ledger's not big on lessons), he'd eventually choreograph a 60-strong Guildford team to the first all-boy victory at the Rock Eisteddfod, a national dance competition.

I am quoting a lot here from a biography online about Ledger that is now either taken down or renamed but my previous link to its accreditation doesnt work. I have interspersed my own thoughts within the quotes and it is not obvious what I have written and what was quoted. If you wrote the online bio get in touch we should prob talk anyway with such a sheared interest. I have also quoted from the book "Davinci Code Decoded" by Martin Lunn and some of these quotes are not clearly outlined either. I apologise to anyone i have quoted and not clearly accredited it was a rushed article that has now been online for ages.

Ledger as yet had no clear idea of a screen career, but he was aware of the possibility, certainly enough to get himself taken on by his sister's agent. As an extra he'd appeared in 1992's Clowning Around, starring Ernie Dingo, where a kid ran off to join the circus, and, a year later had popped up in "Ship to Shore", a kind of Australian Happy Days, both productions having been filmed in Perth. So Heathcliff began and ended his professional career as a clown. It would appear the killing joke was on him.

Come 1995, though, matters became more serious when Ledger joined the cast of the TV series "Sweat", again shot in Perth. This would deal with the routines, temptations, disappointments and triumphs of a group of kids at an elite sports academy. Heath was given the choice of two parts - a swimmer or a cyclist - and revealed a newly burgeoning ambition when he chose to play the cyclist, Steve "Snowy" Bowles. As the character was gay, he reasoned, and gay characters never appeared on Australian TV, he was bound to be noticed. Ledger of course has also played a gay cowboy alongside my Jesus resonator and godfather to his child Jake Gyllenhaal in the film Brokeback Mountain. Ledger plays Ennis Del Mar a name that resonates with Mars or Stella Maris. The maritime signals are with us always as the five points of Venus point to the way forward. Ledger also plays alongside another of my Christ resonators in one Randy Quaid also in Brokeback Mountain. Could this broken mountain be instead a broken pyramid?

The big breakthrough, though, would come with "Roar". This was a US-financed mediaeval fantasy, filmed in Queensland and inspired by Braveheart, where Ledger would star as Conor, a Celtic prince who, often clad only in a loincloth, each week struggles with a new girl and a new, sometimes magical enemy as he attempts to unite the warring clans and rid Britain of Roman invaders. His chief opponent would be the fellow who speared Jesus on the cross and now cannot die in The Spear of Destiny , while his young wife would be played by Keri Russell. “Keri began her career on the Mickey Mouse Club in 1991. She stayed with the show until 1993. After leaving "MMC" (1989) (where she, along with her fellow castmates recorded an album, she moved to LA to pursue an acting career. She did not return for the final season of "MMC" in order to film the short-lived sitcom "Daddy's Girls"” (yes I did laugh at the name Daddies Girls). I am always interested in who stars alongside who and it is interesting from a mind control point of view that Ledger should star in an episode where he hunts down Christ’s Spear (Pineal Gland) along side a former Mickey Mouse clubber. Ker is never far away either is it Keri. Oh and in the same episode he plays alongside a man called John Saint Ryan.

Ominously he was turned down for the role of the Devil in Arnold Schwarzanegger's End Of Days, and for a part in the hit series Roswell. Having gone for the role of Max Evans, one of four human/alien hybrid teens with special powers, he was passed over by producers Fox who still lacked confidence in him after the failure of Roar. If things arent strange enough imagine he had taken Gabriel Byrnes part in the End of Days. He would then have stared alongside the ultimate in synchro resonators Robin Tunney and the one and only Christnegger himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. I would like to add that I first saw End of Days at exactly the same time code as was displayed on the screen at the very start of the film where it says dec 29th at 8.30 1999 That’s what time it actually was. When I look back at that moment and consider what I find myself writing now I cant help but think it worthy of mention as a synchronicity of enormous importance. For me a synch that good could have found it’s way in to any Wilson novel. (Hail Eris).

It is important to see the pattern that emerges when one studies the archytypes that certain actors play through the life of their careers. I believe actors are chosen like tarot cards. The are picked for the archetype they represent and in the case of Heath Ledger the card appears to have been that of the hanging man or Death. It is as if the actor encapsulates the soul of the archetype until the soul moves on. Maybe it’s the other way around and the archetype captures the man. Either way it is clear to me that actors are chosen for parts based on reasons which have little or nothing to do with their acting skill and a lot to do with the persons name and star sign / celestial archetype.

I realised that Ledger had a fascination with the origins of his name and archetype when he played the small part of Oberon in the film Paws. Paws was about a talking dog. A talking dogon from Sirius more likely. What caught my attention about the Oberon reference was two fold. Firstly Heathcliff and his sister Catherine are named after the two main characters from Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and I remembered that Merle Oberon had played Cathy in Wuthering Heights. In Wuthering Heights the Heathcliff character played by Laurence Olivier is referred to on at least 20 occasions as The BEAST. In his position as a focus of worship for Templars and masons the headless John the Baptist can also be interpreted as The Beast. With these observations I managed to confirm to myself at least that Ledger had a certain fascination with Miss Oberon. Merle Oberon married Alexander Korda who discovered Queenie (her nickname) in the tea line at the movie studio. He changed her name/identity/inducted her and cast her as Anne Boleyn in Private Life of Henry VIII, the first British picture to be nominated for an Academy Award as Best Picture. Merle Oberon and Alexander Korda married in 1939 and she became the first Lady Korda when he was knighted.

Zoltan Korda the brother in law of Merle Oberon went on to direct The Four Feathers, which Heath ledger remade years later. As I have said Alex Korda also made The Private Life of Henry VIII. staring Robert Donat who goes on to star in The Count of Monte Cristo a year later for the same director. Natalie Portman is currently staring in The Other Boleyn Girl, which is essentially a retelling of Kordas The Private Life of Henry VIII. She stars alongside the Masonic love slave numero uno Scarlett Johansson. Portman plays the part of Anne Boleyn just like Merle Oberon did all those years ago and what will really bake your noodle is that Portman actually talks about Robert Donat and actually watches the film the Count of MonteChristo or Christ’s Mountain with V in V for Vendetta. A film, which uses the V inside a circle as its logo. V is for Venus.

Vi veri universum vivus vici is a Latin phrase V uses and it means: "By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe." V also pretends to be Donat in a mock attack on a suit of armour.
Even more thought provoking is the fact that Aleister Crowley took this phrase as his magickal motto as a "Magister Templi".

It is at this point in my tale that I must bring up the concept of Mind Control. It was while researching old films and Korda that I came across this web page on You Tube. If you check out this page you will see that Mr Abu Dahbi is from Kuwait and seems to have a keen interest in what he describes as “The Hollywood Induction into Eastern Philosophies” These so called inductions are a form of mind control and usually result in a new idenity for the inductee.
The Four feathers induction in to Eastern Philosophies.

Imagine if you will the Jason Bourne scenario but without the water torture (head dunking akin to Baptism). The scene where Bourne is told that he is no longer David Webb and that he is now Jason Bourne occours after his final induction where he is instructed to kill in cold blood for no known reason. Incidentally Bourne is played by Matt Damon who I have identified as both a resonator for Jesus and John the Baptist. Bourne is after all reborn / baptised lazarus style at both the start and end of the trilogy. Bourne is reborn in the waters off the coast of France quite near to Rennes le Chateau at the start of the trilogy and he is again reborn in the final film when he ends up in the Hudson river in Manhattan.

Interestingly ledger stars alongside Damon in The Brothers Grimm where the two brothers who are occult con men come face to face with the Goddess in the Tower that is surrounded by 12 young virgins required to imbue the goddess with everlasting life and beauty.

Heath climbes the Tower in the Brothers GriMM

One of 12 young virgins that must be sacrificed in order to revive the Goddess.

Heath atop the Goddess Tower looking down at the 12 crypts laid out like a clock face. A Galactic clock perhaps.

The video I have posted above is taken from the original The Four Feathers directed by Korda and has the induction process and identity change clearly defined. I will be discussing this in depth later on when I will be looking at each film and what I believe was actually going on in the films. It is important to see the effects had by these older films on modern productions. The parallells are uncanny between the induction scenarios of old and the way in which Portman is inducted by V in the film V for Vendetta which also involves head dunking water torture which I invite you to view as Baptism.

If you think all that’s odd the Oberon mystery deepens when you look at who and what Oberon was. Oberon, also Auberon, King of Shadows and Fairies, is best known as a character in William Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, written in the mid-1590s. He is Consort to Titania, Queen of the Fairies. Much more importantly though Oberon's status as king of the elves comes from the character of Alberich, a sorcerer in the legendary history of the Merovingian dynasty. In the legend, he is the otherworldly "brother" of Merowech, whose name is the eponym of the Merovingians.

Now we are starting to get down to it. Ledger dies exactly 92 years to the day after Berenger Sauniere the focus of Holy Blood Holy Graal and The Da Vinci Code. He dies of a sudden unexpected heart attack just like Sauniere. He resonates with John The Baptist, Mary Goddess worship and Merovingians just like Sauniere. He also resonates very strongly with the number 22 the date of his death and as I will try to show this number was of great importance to both men. In order to do this I must discuss the design and layout of Rennes le Chateau.

Rennes le Chateau.

Rennes le Chateau is a very unusual place and is situated on a mountainous peak 25 miles from Carcassonne southern France. Dagobert II was assinated on 23 dec 679 and his son Sigisbert IV took refuge in Rennes le Chateau the birthplace of his mother Giselle de Razes. A few miles away is the mountain of Bezu on which stands the ruins of the former centre of The Knights Templar. A mile east of Rennes le Chateau is the ruins of the castle of the Blanchfort family the home of Bertrand de Blanchfort the fourth Grandmaster of The Knights Templar.

Sauniere began renovations in 1891 on the church that had been consectated to Mary Magdalene in 1059. This church was built on the 6th century ruin of a Visigoth church. It is during these renovations that Sauniere discovered parchments supposedly relating to the blood line of christ. He took these to the church at Saint Sulpice and thereafter received visits from the likes of the Hapsburgs. Johann von Hapsburg the cousin of the emperor of Austria was also shown up by banking records to have contributed large sums of money.

On his return to Rennes le Chateau he wrecked an inscription on the Tomb of Marie de Blanchfort descendant of Bertrand the grandmaster. Strangly Sauniere suffered the stroke that eventually killed him on the 22nd Jan on the 17th of Jan dieing 5 days later. The 17th of Jan was the date that Marie de Blanchfort died and also the date of the feast day of Saint Sulpice. Saint Sulpice is of course the original Rose line Meridian.

The most important of Saunieres projects seem to be The Tower of Magdala and the Villa Bethania. Bethany is the House of Lazarus and Mary. He also built an Orangery on the site. He altered the stations of the Cross and placed some provocative statues that seem to indicate an alternate form of christianity exists in that place.
The Tower of Magdala stands next to the Tower de lOrange.

The number 22 occurs with more than reasonable coincidence in connection with Saunieres renovations.
There are 22 steps leading up to the Magdala Tower which has 22 Merlons circling it’s top.
Underneath the glass tower there are 22 steps that go down to an inaccessable basement.
There are two sets of 11 steps that lead into the garden.
The masonic Templar skull and crosssbones on the graveyard gate has 22 teeth.
There are inscriptions that have been deliberatly mispelled to that they contain 22 letters each.
Most importantly Mount Bugarach is at eactly 2.22 degrees and it is atoped by a rock formation called "the window on the world" google earth it..its true...Mount Bugarach is at the crossover of the lines of the pentagram at the Rennes le Chateau site.

There is also 22 cards in the major arcana of the Tarot and 22 letters in the Hebrew alphebet. It is reported that Marie Denarnaud his housekeeper ordered his coffin on the 12th Jan and that the priest who was brought in to give him last rights refused to do so and never smiled again. As I said 22 seems to be important. 22 could also be K2 as it is 11 11 which is K2 as all good synchronauts should know.

Alas none of these tantalising clues are of as much significance as the next set of synch gold. You see Rennes le Chateau is in fact at the centre of a geographical and topological Venus symbol. The mountains that surround the area form a perfect pentagram with Rennes le Chateau at its centre. We learn this in the Da Vinci code along with the remarkable fact that a number of monuments and churches in the area form other geometrical shapes of importance when measured using the megalithic yard.

Before I leave Oberon behind I would like to also point out that Oberon is also a Moon of Uranus. Uranus was in the constellation Aquarius during January this year. I have yet to work out the exact celestial configurations at the time of ledgers death but I know someone who has. See Goroadachi site for the full story of which I am going to include an excerpt.

“Now, as noted before, January 22nd was precisely when Comet Holmes passed right in front of the 'Demon Star' Algol reflected by Ledger's demonic 'Joker' character in 'The Dark Knight' to be released this summer... which is another 'knight' movie. Even more compelling, I was informed by a reader more familiar with the Batman series that one of the super villains Batman regularly fights is named 'Ra's al Ghul' which is the original form of the name 'Algol'! Like Ledger, he's even comparable to the phoenix:”

“An intense 'orange window' is coming up around January 20-24, which is anchored by an 'Orange Alignment' forming on January 21 (Venus-Sun-Mercury) and is part of a bigger pattern building up toward ~June 8, 2008...”

The area of New York that Ledger died has for many years been known as The Five points. The Five Points was a notorious slum centered on the intersection of Anthony (now Worth), Orange (now Baxter), Mulberry (still the same name), Cross (now Mosco St./Park Row) and Little Water (which no longer exists) and the eastern corner of a public park called “Paradise Square”, on Manhattan island, New York, in the United States. The name Five Points derived from the five corners at this intersection. Broome St and the apartment where ledger died is at the northern point of the five points which can be easily seen on google earth (you can even identify 421 Broome st in relation to the five points area on the map with a balloon). The five points of Rennes le Chateau contained an Orangery and Orange was the name of one of the streets that originally made up the five points. If one wanted to negate the effects of a spell it is said that the caster should stand within a pentagram.
Day Lewis remembers Heath Ledger.

So both Ledger and Sauniere died within the confines of five points on the same date 92 years apart. Daniel Day-Lewis was one of the first actors to talk about Ledger after he died. He spoke about him in glowing terms and compared himself to Ledger in terms of his stlye and commitment. He also described him as Perfect.

Whats strange about that is Daniel Day Lewis has also died in the Five Points when he played the character of Bill the Butcher in the film Gangs of New York. The film directed by Scorsese was actually filmed on a set in Rome very close to the Vatican. In it he recreates the mythical five points area in great detail and Day Lewis meets his maker just yards from the corner of Broome St where Ledger died. The film also features the Broome St Massacre of the Mob by the army who were called in to put down the rioters. Going deeper down the rabbit hole I have Daniel day Lewis resonating strongly with John the Baptist from his film In the Name of the Father where he sets off to England from Belfast on the 24 June the feast day of John The Baptist. He ends up in Guildford wrongly accused of the Guildford Pub bombings. Ben Fairhall has recently singled out Guildford for its goddess and JTB symbolism in his article a Goddess Trail Remember Heath went to Guildford Grammar School.

The Five Points New York

The Five Points of Rennes le Chateau. The centre point is at exactly 2.22 degrees on top of Mount Bugarach.

Points around the circle and their markers in France: 5. Bugarach 9. Saint Just-et-le Bezu
12. Rennes le-Chateau 13. Coustaussa 14. Cassaignes 15. Serres
Mayor TaMMany adorned with the Five Points as day Lewis gives him the sign of the ya get the point

The Maritime Goddess of Stella Maris guides the ships to New York.

The Broome St massacre takes place slap bang in the middle of the five points.

Just like Heath, Daniel Day Lewis dies in the five Points. Day Lewis just happened to be the elected Johanite chosen to sing Heaths praises.

The final shot of gangs of New York includes the ghostly apparition of the Twin Towers.

I will leave it there for now. This is part one of 3 and there is more fascinating synchs to come.
I dedicate this to my friend Alan Smart who died suddenly a couple of weeks ago. Alan died in his hotel room of a heart attack and was found by the maid so it would seem the synch faires have a sick sense of humour and the Killing joke is on me.

Heath Ledger & The Five Points of Rennes le Chateau Part 2

Heath ledger and The Five Points of the Rennes le Chateau part 3

Heath ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau part 4


Adam Star said...

Absolutely brilliant and excellently written. The synchronicities of Ledger's life and death continue to astound. Looking forward very much to parts two and three.

FilmNoir23 said...

GREAT STUFF...interesting that you would focus on some of the financial aspects given that Heath's will did not include his daughter or Michelle Williams. And now his family is embroiled in a nasty feud over his estate. Probably worth checking into.

I too was struck by Daniel Day-Lewis being the defacto spokesperson for the establishment in regards to Heath...I didn't see any particular connection.

Atlantean Times said...

Hi lads..cheers..

I heard that the other day about the problems with his will and intend to include it later. His father is executor of the will and allegedly fucked up a previous will. it's very strange....defacto spokesperson was the phrase i was searching for to describe day lewis's role cheers Mr Noir

what is a Lewis but the son of a Mason....

FilmNoir23 said...

Ah...Lewis! Well played.

you might want to check this out too. Some interesting comments in regards to Four Feathers.

Atlantean Times said...

Thanks todd you are a star...

AR: "Four Feathers" didn't do anywhere near as well. What went wrong do you think?

SK: Uhm, I think what went wrong were two things. I think the film was conceived before 9/11 and released, and made just after 9/11. And that seriously affected the politics of the film. So while Four Feathers was an incredibly pro-colonial book, one of the reasons I wanted to do the film was to take that and make an incredibly anti-colonial story. Before 9/11, everybody who saw the rush of the film said,

"Why are you making Heath Ledger look like Jesus Christ?"

"Why are you making Heath Ledger look like Jesus Christ?"

Not Christ but John The baptist

Thanks again todd that was gold said...

22nd January: I know alot about this date as it was the day I was born. As was my time twin, Michael Hutchence, Heath Ledgers' doppelganger (imo).
In this list we can include the romantic figure of Lord Byron and somewhat less romantically Benny Hill and Sir Alf Ramsey (unless you are an English football fan in which case I guess you could get kinda slushy about him)...
Christmas 2005 I was drawn to Rennes le chateau. It's quite hard to find, badly sign posted from the main road, I had to drive back and forth several times to find it. Good thing was that there was no other tourists it being Boxing day. Swathed in fog and mist one could however see the Pyrenees from the top of the chateau wall. Some interesting bookshops there too...
What does your remark, "ker is never far away either is it Keri" mean? Also what is K2? (sorry am new to all this) year 2000?
Thank you for this interesting article. Merle Oberon played Anne Boleyn...hmmm...just seen The other Boleyn girl...very disappointing film...

Atlantean Times said...

ker is the focus of worship and ritual in bohemian grove where virgins are sacrificed in front of a 40ft owl. In a vid i will post later the last actress to be shown befor ledger was also called Kerr and it pops up a lot more.

K2 quest for the gods by ralph ellis...Go to Jake kotzes page linked to in the border..its called the blob and he covers all the k2 / giza plateau links and synchs better than i ever could.

cheers, any input you have on the rennes le chateau area would be appreciated.

kate said...

What an excellent piece...kept me riveted and wanting more:))

It combines all the things I'm interested in and makes me want to explore more.

I wrote something myself after Heath's might be interested in

I'm a new synchronaut and a girl so go easy on me:))

Can't wait to read the next part.

Regards, Kate

Kate said...

Oopps - that link should be

FilmNoir23 said...

Kate! Welcome aboard...we sure could use some more female perspective out here.

Gavin, glad I could help...GREAT stuff again. Look forward to more.

As for actual sacrifice at B. Grove...I personally haven't seen ANYTHING remotely convincing that is going on there...symbolically, yes. Still a VERY interesting place. said...

thanks for your reply.
Ker... that's my nickname in my family!

Yes this whole scene needs more girls....

Atlantean Times said...

Hi kate cheers for that..

On the grove todd..I am on record before saying that what we all saw from Alex jones looked very suss. I find it hard to believe that conspiracy theorist numero umo just strolled into that place.

None the less it would appear that ceremonies are performed there. Ker exists in the minds of many so therefore it exists...sort of...

But the sacrificing of Virgins is key to the rest of my tale so i thought id mention it...

did you see the latest southpark about Britney...the sacrifice for the harvest...weird...

Atlantean Times said...

To kate I wrote a big long reply at your page and it fucked up.. Im not writing it again..Basically Thanks and I will link to your page and article.


FilmNoir23 said...

Yes, I did see South Park. All in all quite would certainly seem those guys have some similar thoughts as we.

Oh, I certainly would agree with the sacrificial themes and symbolic resonance involved. NO DOUBT about it. Do people die over this shit. Yes , I think they do...sadly I think that the one's that REALLY pay the price are unknown and forgotten (except by friends and family), and not as much our superstars.

Some cases are VERY suspect indeed however. And the Disney kids are most likely raised for this stuff. said...

ok have wikipedia-ed 'ker', a female death-spirit, yeah well that figures. I will now follow the link you mentioned Atlantean.

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

WOW! A tour de force- absolutely essential reading for all Synchromystics!

Anonymous said...

Dude, just amazing. Your syncro hat is in good order. I have studied the Rennes syncros for years. I am hoping your next instalment is soon. Shine forth brave souls. Respectfully, Dennis from Oregon.

FilmNoir23 said...

An update on Kapur, Gavin...
Kapur to direct Minghella 'New York' piece

from todays Hollywood Reporter.

the link is rather large so I will have to break it up.

Atlantean Times said...

Much appreciated one and all..

i am writing it up as i write this comment and hope to have part 2 up tonight at some stage. I am having to make revissions as i go along to incorporate new info.

Thanks again for the support and help. Any additional info that anyone has please feel free to leave it as a comment.


Joe said...

this is an intense documentary on the mysteries of Jesus’ Bloodline. Those of you who are into ‘The Da Vinci code’ or ‘holy blood holy grail’ will be amazed by this real-life adventure with actual holy relics found.. I was amazed.