Friday, May 9, 2008

Is Jamie Oliver a Freemason?

The Symbol of The Late Late show is The Owl.

There has been a show in Ireland since the start of broadcast television called The Late Late Show. Its symbol is the Moloch resonating Owl and on tonight's show we have the representative of the MCCons sorry McCanns one Clarence Mitchel spin doctor. I have yet to see the McCann piece and will be recording the audio when it comes on.
But first we have Jamie Oliver the latest TV Chef to join the Rich List or RITUALIST as it was pronounced by the host Pat Kenny. When Oliver walked onto stage he immediately offered the 3 Point masonic handshake to the host.

Oliver is of course one of the main people pushing the illuminati food pyramid and with this hand shaking display has demonstrated his masonic origins. He has just accused people of "not having enough INtelligence to be able to add simple ingredients together". He has some fucking cheek.

Those were his exact words....He goes on to talk about and praise the British Royal family and then he mentions a run in with Bill Clinton. He starts making comments about Bill and Monica and then Pat Kenny the host turns the conversation around to his wife. He says "you don't have to worry about what you say shes not receiving the SIGNALS". Surely this is not the correct way for a journalist to describe her not being able to see the programme. The use of language is key in these twisted little situations.

I will update you with what The MC CON rep has to say for himself.

He is now talking with Sandy Thom and her new song "THE DEVILS BEAT". Sandy Thom is a new age mind control pawn.

The next segment of the show is about people with Hidden SECRETS..this will be followed by Clarence Mitchel.

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Michael said...

I always thought, there's no f*cking way a twerp as young as that made it to the top of the food pyramid without a bit o' 'elp.