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Christ Quaid & The Heliopocoptor Towers

Here's an interesting shot from the movie The Day After Tomorrow. I have been discussing the true meaning of this movie in 3 separate posts so far and still have yet to reach any conclusions. All we have really are a collection of still shots which seem to point towards an alternative narrative. So what can we see in this still. If you cast your eyes towards the alleged picture of young Sam our Jesus resonator you might see something of note. On either side of Christs head is the letter K. Thus we again have Jesus Christ who was a Jew according to the Bible associated with K2. If you look even closer you will see that the word under that spells EANEDS. The D should be a B but it has been obscured deliberately in my opinion to make it into a D, thus we end up with K2, Jesus and the ancient Egyptian Gods of the Eaned all nicely tied together for us in the one shot.

Sam = Time Traveller = Jesus = Egyptian God = K2

Lets move swiftly on to one of our Mary resonators. Ralph Ellis in his highly informative book Jesus Last of the Pharaoh's highlights the idea that the name Mary was not in fact a name. Mary was a title given to Royalty. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that from the many accounts of Mary that she could not have been one person. There must in fact have been two Mary's. Mary the mother and in my opinion Mary the Wife and Sister of Jesus Christ. Not only does this girl here pictured above resonate strongly with Mary as Jesus love she also due to other syncs resonate very strongly with the idea that Jesus had a twin and that twin was his sister.

Here we see Jesus leading his disciples which include Mary down a staircase that is decorated with serpents and passing a picture on the wall where his head takes the place of the child Jesus in the arms of Mary the MotherAfter descending the stairs they walk outside to be confronted by a myriad of checkered cabs and as you can see the serpent has been beautifully positioned over our Mary resonators head yet again suggesting that the worship of Mary is the Luciferian practice which unfortunately so many people view as SATAN worship. This picture clearly shows us that Mary is Lucifer the light bearer, Twin Sister and Wife of Jesus the last of the PHaraoH's.

The picture of Quaid above is another classic. Everybody say thank you to the nice Director. Here we have our Egyptian God resonating hero beside a Popes Mitre. The Mitre is a reference to the Dagon which carries with it yet again the implication that there was some form of Alien contact between the Dagon/Dogon of Sirius those damnable possessors or souls and the Pharaohs of Egypt and by dint of further extrapolation the current incumbents of the Catholic/Egyptian Hierarchy.

In order to strengthen my case that this is so we very conveniently have God the Father Quaid uncovering the name of ATEN or Ahkenaten or Moses who tried so desperately to convince the Tauren (Bull)Egyptians to change their ways and instead convert to Arian (sheep)worship. Thus we had the Line of Shepard Kings who became exiled from the North of Egypt where they had laid claim to the Temples of Heliopolis and the Pyramids of Giza. Upon exile they entered the lands that is now called IS RA EL and yet again attempted to reform the people into following 1 religion. All the while writing prophecies that their future descendants could one day fulfill.. Thus by the fulfillment of bullshit prophecies combined with their knowledge of the stars they could always manage to convince the idiot populace that they were in fact Gods.

Quaid then passes beautifully between the crown of ISIS and The Frozen Super Torch......

So as I have said Quaid resonates with Christ/God/Egypt/Checker Chariots....I have also implied that there appears to bee twins involved. I would like to draw your attention to the "real" life of this strange attractor Quaid.

A big thank you to Todd at Through the Looking Glass for drawing my attention to Quaids recent persona;l hardships involving his Twins.

Also see Todd's post about Quaids new film for more strange goings on as he protects the Sun King Us President this time....Todd connects this with The Eye of Horus which works well within the confines of our little theory....

Link to article about Quaid's Twins who were born in Cedars Sinai Hospital plus some quotes below...

"Yours, Mine and Ours star Dennis Quaid welcomed some of his own in Santa Monica Thursday, as he and wife Kimberly heralded the birth of twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace."

"God has definitely blessed us," the parents gushed in a statement."

"The double delivery came courtesy of a gestational carrier, aka a surrogate mother, the identity of whom the Quaids have opted not to reveal. However, the 53-year-old actor and his 35-year-old wife have confirmed that they are the biological parents."

Also this article talks about how Quaids twins were bleeding from their IV's due to an overdose of a blood thining agent.

"Daughter Zoe Grace and son Thomas Boone ended up in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit Nov. 18 after nurses mistakenly gave each baby two doses over an eight-hour period of a 10,000 unit/milliliter solution of the blood thinner heparin, often used to flush out IV lines, rather than the 10 unit/milliliter dosage prescribed for infants, per the report obtained by E! Online.
After a doctor noticed that the twins were oozing blood around their IVs, they were diagnosed and treated with protamine, which reverses the effects of heparin."

Here is a quote which may indicate why the Name ZOE was chosen for his daughter...The Twinned daughter of our Egyptian God resonating star, I am amazed they didn't call her Mary.

The picture below symbolizes Isis , pouring out libation to the soul [spirit] of Osiris. He is in the form of a man-bird to represent both the human and the spiritual aspect of mankind and she is in the form of a woman with horned cow head to represent the 'horn of plenty' and power.
According to some scholars the name Isis or Auset may have been derived from the word Ashesh, meaning to 'pour out' and 'supporting' implication of her blood or milk that kept all alive. Similar to the man Ishah the Hebrew name for the first woman."

In Gen., iii, 20, it is connected etymologically with the verb meaning "to live": "And Adam called the name of his wife Eve [hawwah]: because she was the mother of all the living". The Septuagint rendering in this passage is Zoe (=life, or life-giver), which is a translation; in two other passages (Genesis 4:1 and 25) the name is transliterated Eua.
Below is the return of Quaid to NewYork with the Pyramid capped tower the direction they appear to be heading towards.
This pic below is of the sacrifice of Frank. Frank is one of Quaid's disciples and chooses to sacrifice himself to save Quaid. The name may be a reference to the french franks who sacrificed their sovernity to the papacy and the European Union.

Our Egyptian god resonator is of course saved again by his yellow/black Crowley resonating Chariot ice pick....SWEET....
This is the Library where Jesus is waiting out the storm for his father to come and rescue him. The building is in the shape of the cross and ends up frozen in time implying that the information it contains is frozen in time. The only book that was rescued from the library was the Gutenberg Bible which makes perfect sense as that is what this whole GOD DAMMNED film is about....It really is no wonder that the great majority of films are total shit when the likes of this is going on...Hidden in plain sight....

Here we have Jesus trying to convince everybody that they should listen to him to FOLLOW his WORD which is the WORD of his FATHER. They don't listen and all end up dead.......

Below is Quaid again telling the Sun King President what he should do. He draws this sweeping line which passes straight under New York telling the President that everybody below the line should be evacuated and that everyone above the line will have to be SACRIFICED. This includes his son who he is prepared to sacrifice but intends to try to save him himself....

Quaid and the Grid returning to meet Mary Mother who he separated from.
Mary the Mother in front of Noah/Noaa. It is my view that this NOAA symbol should be inverted which would the give us a pic of a winged creature on top of a dark blue mountain...Just to make this clear. If you turn that Noah sign upside down it looks exactly like a saucer on top of a blue snow covered mountain. If you look at any pictures of K2 it does look distinctly blue. Ring any bells anyone.... It of course also looks like a Blue Bell...
NOAA Backwards is AAON.
AA = AkhenAten.
ON = The Sun of God.
That's an interesting shape you are making with your fingers there Mr DARKO I would hope you didn't think that would go unnoticed. It was never gonna get past me anyways... not anymore.

Below is a Blatant association between The Black Tramp who becomes a disciple of Jesus and the Hunter gatherer's pictured behind him. This again implies some form of alien interference in the evolution of mankind. He is also pictured with his black & white dog on a star which I believe points toward the DOGON yet again being those interfering little green men.....

There is more to this picture of the 3 storms or stargates than meets the eye. Quaid talks about how the world will be totally changed by the time this is all over. I believe these storms to be metaphor's for the three super states that the New World Order seeks to unite. The American/ European and Asian alliance towards One World Government & One World Religion.

The stargate and the apple (left of shot) with the apple as metaphor for the Mushroom.

Our dark prince gets a SET of Horns... In this scene he also mentions sarcastically that the natural history museum is the worlds greatest collection of Stuffed Animals. This to me is reference to his family line of Egyptian Kings which may be the worlds greatest collection of Stuffed Alien/Human Hybrids...I couldn't believe that line when I heard it and it's meaning is sooooo obvious when taken in the proper context.

More Checker Chariots as Jesus tries to save Mary. Mary gets injured and later requires antibiotics which Jesus faces the wolves and cold to try to find.

Due to blogger deleting half of this post and about 2000 words of text I am not going to finish this as it was originally written. Instead I will just finish off with this film and post and hope to remember what I wrote and include it in the next films I intend to examine The Jason Bourne Trinity. I had included some cross referencing between this film and Outbreak but i have decided to approach it differently now and will leave Outbreak and God resonator Morgan Freeman until later.
The final shots of the film show the disciples reunited and saved of course by the Heliopocoptors.
In the shot below we have some amazing symbolism. I read it this way. The building at the front is a split hexagon or Jesus Nut..behind it is a cross shaped building with one end taken off..This building represents the Egyptian Ankh with the cross part being the male and the flatened part representing the female. Beside the cross we have the stepped pyramid shaped building and in the background there is the 2 towers with the monolith in between. Every building seems to have it's own Heliopocoptor about to land....

Notice the back of Quaids head. The north face is regarded as the toughest climb in mountaineering. It is refering of course to the north face of K2.

I hope that this has blown out of the water the original sumation of this film taken from the internet movie database.

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Jake Kotze said...

The Aten and Chariot finds are amazing... I doubt the director intends most of this, but its almost a moot point.

Great work!


Atlantean Times said...

I dont know Jake..Honestly I dont Know..I am making sweeping statements after the fact which can often not stand up when examined thougherly..

It's when you start putting 1 film layered upon another and the same narrative keeps rising to the top..

it's very suspisious and i'm a very curious person, dog with a bone scenario...

Emmy rossum goes on to star alongside Kurt russel in the film posideon. She plays a virgin and gets engaged to a bloke called CHRISTIAN...ffs you have to laugh...