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Heath ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau part 4

In order to fully see the depth of the Ledger mystery it would be best to read this first...

We left off last time with some strange Cyrus/Sirius links and I think that those Cyrus posts go to show the importance of "Whats in a Name". I think that I effectively showed in my Juno post http://atlanteanjournal.blogspot.com/2008/03/juno-its-all-in-stars.html that the real or assumed names of the people involved in a film as well as the name of their character can have deep symbolic meanings. In the case of Juno those meanings are partly hidden but with the DaVinci Code the meanings are screaming at you to notice them. For instance Leigh Teabing the name of Ian McKellen character is an anagram of Richard Leigh and Michael Baigents names. Richard Leigh was disgusted with this and brought Dan Brown to court for plagiarism which can be read here.

Captain Bezu Fache played by Jean Reno is a clear reference to Bezu one of the points of the pentagram at Rennes le Chateau. I also think that the Fache part of the name indicates the Catholic Papacy's links with fascism. Fache works for Opus Dei and is deceived by the Archbishops.

In order to discuss how Ledger and his archetype relates to the The Da Vinci Code film and consequently how Miss Audrey Tautou and her archetype relates to MM Madeleine McCann I am going to quote some more Aleister Crowley and his interpretations in The Book of Thoth. But before I start quoting liberally from Crowley I am going to show you some more stills from A Knight's Tale and The Brothers Grimm and discuss the deliberate positioning of Heath Ledger beside certain very distinct symbols. "Symbols are very Important" Tom Hanks.

In the first of our symbolic shots we have Heath framed within what looks suspiciously like the Square and Compasses of Freemasonry. Heath is testing out his new armour forged by a woman (Goddess) not a man. She is so proud of this new armour that she puts her special mark on it so everyone knows it was her work (see below)

It was noted in a previous post that the G was the symbol for The Brothers Grimm.

Heaths new armour bears a mark that also looks very familiar. It's the Nike (mythology), symbol which incidentally is a symbol that is directly linked with the Goddess and the concept of sacrifice.

As well as being a symbol that resonates with sacrifice it also resonates strongly with the god that one might prepare a sacrifice for i.e Saturn. The rings of Saturn look very like this symbol when you take out the planet from the picture, I seen this illustrated by Jordan Maxwell in a video once upon a time were he made a direct connection to Saturn.

The rings of this logo look very like the Nike symbol when the planet is removed from the picture.

The picture below shows a sacrifice being performed by Nike (mythology) and Apollo who is one of the most important of the Olympian deiti or Titans as they are known. If the armour was made by Nike that would make Heath equate with one of the male gods possibly Apollo.

Below we have Heath holding the Two Towers within his very hands. This picture was drawn by the other goddess in The Brothers Grimm. Heath and Matt Damon both fall in love with the beautiful Lena Headey who plays Angelika with a K. Angelika is a "Huntress" so this fits well with the Venus acrhetype quote from Lynn Picknett. Lena also has a penchant for Goddess roles were in her recent past she has stared in 300 (2006) .... Queen Gorgo, "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" .... Sarah Connor, Waterland (1992) .... Young Mary. In her first three roles she was cast as Miriam, Mary and Margaret so no goddess links there then, lol.

Heath finally gets his Goddess/Huntress in The Brothers Grimm.

Another occurance below of Heath as "The Hanging Man". I will be posting more hanging man pictures later in the piece. This is also the torture technique used against heretics in the eyes of the church and fits well with our Johanite model i.e a follower of John the Baptist like a freemason/Templar who was tortured during the inquisition may have been forced to confess to worshiping the severed head of John the Baptist.

After the inquisitorial hanging session Heath is later presented with the severed heads of the two that betrayed and ran away. The idea of betrayal and being a traitor are crucial to the symbolism associated with the hanging man. Note that in The Patriot a movie that now resonates with Two Towers due to Mels 9lb 11oz divination, Heath is sentenced to death by hanging for being a traitor to the King of England. He has betrayed the King in favour of the Goddess.

It is at this stage that I would like to bring up something that I had planned to do but due to unfortunate circumstances I didnt. Straight after Ledger died I wrote an article called "The John the Baptist Murders". Ben Fairhallunfortunatly my friend died putting a stop to all writing.

Only yesterday when looking back through Chris Knowles The Secret Sun did I see that Chris had also recently written a superb article about John the Baptist and his connections to the Templars and Freemasonary. Just like Chris I too have noticed the increase in "Headless symbolism" appearing on our TV and movie screens. Here is a link to Chris's article http://secretsun.blogspot.com/2008/02/ritual-drama-john-baptist-in-space.html.

As soon as I have exhausted this font of synchronicity and coincidence that is Heath Ledger I will be addressing the issue of what I have christened The John the Baptist Murders. For now though I will keep going with Ledger.

"The TAROT is a Pictorial representation of the Forces of Nature as conceived by the Ancients according to a conventional symbolism." Aleister Crowley..........

In my first post on this subject http://atlanteanjournal.blogspot.com/2008/03/heath-ledger-and-five-points-of-rennes.html I briefly discussed the preponderance of the number 22 in relation to both Ledger and Sauniere. Crowley has the following to say about the relationship between the 22 court cards, the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and the Tree of Life of the Qabalists.

"Twenty-two is the number of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. It is the number of the Paths of the Sepher Yetzirah. These paths are the paths which join the ten numbers on the figure called the Tree of Life.

"Why are there twenty-two of them? Because that is the number of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and one letter goes to each path. 1 Atu: House or Key, in Ancient Egyptian. Tahuti: Egyptian God of Wisdom, magick, Science, also Illusion. In Coptic, Thoth: in Greek, Hermes: in Latin, Mcrcury. The Hindu and Scandinavian Gods corresponding are debased forms."

"Why should this be so? Why should these paths be arranged on the Tree in the way that the diagram shows? Why should there not be paths connecting the numbers 2 and 5 and the numbers 3 and 4? One cannot answer any of these questions. Who knows "How A got leave an ox to be, No camel, quoth the Jews, like G". (Brownmg)? One knows only that this was the conventional arrangement adopted by whoever it was that devised the Tarot. What is worse, it seems very confusing, very annoying; it shakes one's faith in these great sages. But at least there is no doubt that this is so."

"The letters of the Hebrew alphabet are twenty-two. There are three " Mother" Letters for the Elements, seven "Double Letters" for the Planets, and twelve "Single" Letters for the Signs of the Zodiac. But there are four Elements, not three. Or, including the element of Spirit (an important matter to initiates), there are five. There are therefore two letters of the alphabet which have to do double duty. The element of Fire is very close kin to the idea of Spirit; so the letter Shin, belonging to Fire, may be taken to mean Spirit as well. There is a special reason why this should be so, although it only applies in later ages, since the introduction of the dognia that Spirit rules the four elements, and the formation of the "Pentagram of Salvation" connected with the Hebrew word IHShVH, Yeheshuah."

Inhttp://atlanteanjournal.blogspot.com/2008/03/heath-ledger-and-five-points-of-davinci.html I brought up Miss Audrey Tautou who I noted had a name with a resonance of it's own. What I meant by that comment is born out by the quotations below from Crowley as he talks about the letter Tau. I am trying to draw your attention to the fact that even Miss Tautou's name resonates extremely well with the concepts and archetypes I am discussing. Remember she is the Sangreal or Blood Royal. She is the Goddess and descendant of MM. She already resonates with Venus through her associations with Sauniere. She is a "Stolen Child". Her name also resonates with the principle of 0 = 2 through the Tau association of Tau Two = Tau Tou.

"With regard to Earth, it was considered adequate to make the letter Tau, belonging to Saturn, correspond also to Earth. These additions are clear evidence that the Tarot took definite and arbitrary steps to assert the new discovery in Magick some two thousand years ago; for no system is more rigid than a Hebrew system. And the system of the Sepher Yetzirah is the deepest rooted of all the elements of the Hebrew system, the most dogmatic of them all."

The letter Tau means the Sign of the Cross, that is, of extension; and this extension is symbolized as four-fold because of the con venience of constructing the revolving symbol of Tetragrammaton. In the case of the number 2, the only issue is the return to the unity or to the negative. No continuous process can be conveniently sym bolized; but the number 4 lends itself, not only to this rigid extension, the hard facts of nature, but also to the transcendence of space and time by a continuously self-compensating change.

The letter Tau is attributed to Saturn, the outermost and slowest of the seven sacred planets; because of these dull, heavy qualities, the element of earth was thrust upon the symbol. The original three elements, Fire, Air, Water, sufficed for primitive thought; Earth and Spirit represent a later accretion. Neither is to be found in the original twenty4wo Paths of the Sepher Yetzirah. The world of Assiah, the material world, does not appear except as a pendant to the Tree of Life.

In the same way, the element of Spirit is attributed to the letter Shin, as an additional ornament, somewhat in the same way as Kether is said to be symbolized by the topmost point of the Yod of Tetra grammaton. It is constantly necessary to distinguish between the symbols of philosophical theory and those more elaborate symbols based upon them which are necessary in practical work.

Saturn and Earth have certain qualities in common-heaviness, coldness, dryness, immobility, dulness and the like. Yet Saturn appears in Binah in respect of its blackness in the Queen's scale, which is the scale of Observed Nature; but always, as soon as the end of a process is reached, it returns automatically to the beginning.
"In Chemistry, it is the heaviest elements that are unable in terrestrial conditions to support the strain and stress of their internal structure; consequently, they radiate particles of the most tenuous character and the highest activity. In an essay written in Cefalu', Sicily, on the second law of Thermo-dynamics, it was suggested that at the absolute zero of the air thermometer, an element heavier than uranium might exist, of such a nature that it was capable of reconstituting the entire series of elements. It was a chemical interpretation of the equation, 0=2."
"It becomes then reasonable to argue from analogy that since the end must beget the beginning, the symbolism will follow; hence, blackness is also attributed to the sun, according to a certain long- hidden tradition. One of the shocks for candidates in the "Mysteries" was the revelation "Osiris is a black god".
I realise that the quotations are quite large but I don't feel qualified to explain these concepts. I have gained most of my knowledge about them from reading books like The Book of Thoth so I feel justified in presenting as much of the quotes as needs be to get my point across. This next quotation is especially important when taken into account with a quote from Casanova a film which presents us with a huge number of Tarot archetypes and many Goddesses. In Casanova Heath is faced with the gorgeous Sienna Miller as Francesca Bruni. I believe due to the nature of this film that her character is also meant to represent Giordano Bruno the heretic.

There is some blurring about of names involved but I am certain that it is the directors intention that that inference be made. Therefore with Heathcliff as Casanova and Sienna as a female Bruno we have two illusionists nicely positioned in a basket. We also have Heathcliff coming home to VENICE where the entire film is set. I will not put up the Venus quotation again this time but remember that Venice and Venison and the Hunter and Huntress go hand in hand with Venus Symbolism.

On Casanova's first encounter with Francesca she is impersonating a man a Dr Giordano who is demonstrating a miniature hot air balloon at the university. She says "A woman is Air and Fire and Lightness and Strength....Like this little vessel it would rise up to heaven if not held down by ballast". Heath eventually ends up in a balloon with Miss Bruni/Bruno as they ascend towards the heavens and enlightenment.
Heath returns to Venice to find his Goddess. A true "Son of Venus"

Soon after his first encounter Heath says the following to his Goddess
"I have spent countless hours alone with Casanova pondering the ways of love and how it makes us one with the Angels" She replies "and with the Beasts"
The Ancients conceived of Fire; Water and Air as pure elements. They were connected with the three qualities of Being, Knowledge and Bliss, previously mentioned. They also correspond with what the Hindus called the Three Gunas-Sattvas, Rajas and Tamas, which may be translated roughly as "Calm", "Activity", and "Slothful Darkness". The alchemists had three similar principles of energy, of which all existing phenomena are composed: Sulphur, Mercury and Salt. This Sulphur is Activity, Energy, Desire; Mercury is Fluidity, Intelligence, the power of Transmission; Salt is the vehicle of these two forms of energy, but itself possesses qualities which react on them. The student must keep in his mind all these tripartite classifications. In some cases, one set will be more useful than others.  

For the moment, concentrate on the Fire, Water, Air series. These elements are represented in the Hebrew alphabet by the letters Shin, Mem and Aleph. The Qabalists call them the Three Mother Letters. In this particular group, the three elements concerned are completely spiritual forms of pure energy; they can only manifest in sensible experience by impinging upon the senses, crystallising out in a fourth element which they call "Earth", represented by the last letter of the alphabet, Tau. This, then, is another quite different interpretation of the idea of the Daughter, which is here considered as a pendant to the Triangle. It is the number Ten suspended from the 7, 8, 9 in the diagram."

Heath as Casanova running away from an entire convent of Goddesses. He is running as he is being chased by the Inquisition and if caught he will be hung.

Casanova spies a beautiful goddess off in the distance, but wait, he doesn't see a real woman instead he sees an apparition.

The apparition is of course Mary Ishtar, Venus or Aphrodite. Pick one.

In this last quote below Crowley highlights the difficulty with the Fool tarot card. In a future post I will be discussing the fool and the reasons why I think Mel Gibson and Matt Damon are perfect representations of the Fool. I hope via these future posts to solidify the association of Heath with the hanging man but to also recognise that sometimes he plays The Fool..
Lets end it here for now with yet another depiction of Heath as The Hanging Man. He manages to escape execution by getting a fake papal pardon this time.

"The Qabalists, devising the Tarot, then proceeded to make pictures of these extremely abstract ideas of Father, Mother, Son and Daughter, and they called them King, Queen, Prince and Princess. It is confusing, but they were also called Knight, Queen, King and Princess. Sometimes, too, the Prince and Princess are called "Emperor" and "Empress". The reason for this confusion is connected with the doctrine of the Fool of the Tarot, the legendary Wanderer, who wins the King's daughter, a legend which is connected with the old and exceedingly wise plan of choosing the successor to a king by his ability to win the princess from all competitors. (Frazer's Golden Bough is the authority on this subject."

Heath Ledger and the Five Points of Rennes le Chateau part 1 of 4

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Heath ledger and The Five Points of the Rennes le Chateau part 4


wise woman said...

Your mention of Angelika with a ‘k’ brings to mind Laika, the first sacrifice in space, courtesy of Russia in the 13’ pyramidal cone Sputnik 2...
Lena also being a popular name in Russia, there's even a Lena River in Siberia.

Michael Skaggs said...

Wow, Heath is really vibrating The Hanged Man! Amazing spots and great write up! Love your work!

aferrismoon said...

Using the Sepher Yetsira Tarot attribution , described by Carlo Suares , may I offer some interesting comments by him concerning The Hanged Man and the HIgh Priestess.
The High Priestess = the 22nd card , ruled by letter Tav or Tau and for me, resonates with Miss TauTou.
The first extract is a description of The Hanged Man -
Organic Resistance : Organic Resistance : Water is only itself, with Waw, the only idempotent and self-propagating letters. The biosphere passively absorbs energy, transforming the photon flux into biological energy. Water is the medium/matrix of life. The Hanged Man has fallen from the Tower (upside-down) and points to the cross of the
Priestess for those with eyes.

The 2nd deals with HP -
The High-Priestess is returned to her proper home, Tav, which forms the cross on her chest and Moon lying at her feet, symbol of the ultimate resistance to life/death and final sanctuary of all energy. The veil hides Tav's equal partnership with Aleph, and the heresy of endogenous creation.

Atlantean Times said...

Thanks for the comments...

to AFM

i have to say that any help that you can give me with these interpretations is much appreciated..

That goes out to anyone else who has an opinion of how this could or should be viewed. I am not certain about my attributions of the hanging man but lets say Im 85 to 90% certain.

There are small things in nearly every scene that heath was in that point to it. it would take an eternity to go through them all.

as I say I am by no means an expert on Tarot or the zodiac..I just say what i see..

best wishes gav

aferrismoon said...

I just offered them as extra. Articles a re wonderful, all I respond to is the amazing imagery they zoom into the mind.
When I read about Tautou and realised that. by my reckoning , she' s a High Priestess and bringing back the Heath /Hanging Man image , my mind pinged the quote ..
' The Hanged man has fallen from the Tower and points at the cross of the Priestess for those with eyes'

Just the fact that you'd written 2 posts , 1 after the other, that invoked that , whatever the interpretation = 'I have no words'

the whole earthly acts , HLs life and death, TauTous role as the Grail all encapsulated in a sublime quote.

Living Tarot , whatever the attribution

aferrismoon said...

And personally I've just put up a post with Markus Babel walking prostrate , and babel is the Tower from which the hanged man falls.

Just Me said...

I have a special place in my heart for Saturn logo symbolism because it was that which drew me into this whole world of synchromysticism.

Being a graphic artist, I began to notice corporate logos being updated to include Saturn symbolism about five years ago, though I wasn't sure it was about Saturn and looked for a long time for an explanation. The first I saw was AAA. I also noticed Disney DVD, Explorer, the Science Channel, and on and on.

Now it's everywhere:

NFL Sunday Ticket, Miller Lite, backwards at DC Comics, and even open signs for businesses. It's all over packaging, just everywhere.

To make it a little more relevant to your post, here's the logo for Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society) - it's slanted just like the logos above.

Caprar said...
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Atlantean Times said...
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Caprar said...
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