Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bobby Fischer, Garry Kasparov, Heath Ledger and The Grand Masters of the Parental 911 Stargate Conspiracy

Bobby Fisher former Grandmaster died on the feast day of St Sulpice 17th Jan. He was 64.

Bobby Fisher died this year on the 17th January 5 days before Heath Ledger and on the anniversary of the alleged massive stroke suffered by Berenger Sauniere the focus of Holy Blood Holy Grail and the DaVinci Code. The 17th of January is the The feast day of Saint Sulpice (Église Saint-Sulpice, Paris ). This fact alone should shake you from your reverie. Right now you should be asking yourself the question how did such an event occur yet again with such beautiful timing and yet again involving a person with a significant name. The fisher of course can and often is used to refer to Christ. Fisher was also a Grandmaster just like Sauniere.

It has been a while since my promised continuation of the Heath Ledger story. If you followed my articles you will already know why I view Ledgers death as significant. If not you may find it in your favour to read these articles first:

There are other articles too but I wont list them.

So why is this significant I metaphysically hear you cry in synchromindbending befuddlement. Well it registers as a hot spot in the synchrosphere on so many levels. Firstly I was lead to write this by synhcs and coincidences that have truly melted my mind. While watching QI a British quiz show of sorts my attention was gripped by their choice of subject matter. The programme in question was all about the art of Divination. Incidentally QI stars Stephen Fry who stared in V for Vendetta a film which I discuss in my Ledger piece due to its mind control indoctrination/induction scenes involving V and Natalie Portman. QI also stars Alan Davies who has no problem whatsoever talking about his Masonic roots with both his grandfathers being Freemasons, which he talks about in this documentary on his family called You Don't Know You're Born.

Alan Davies shows where his allegiance lies as he carries a Masonic Tracing Board.

Here is a link to a programme description http://www.walltowall.co.uk/catalogue_detail.aspx?w2wprogram=17 . Interestingly enough Alan Davies seems to think he is above the law as on December 10th last year he bit a tramps ear off for shouting at him.

That's enough about Alan "I only got where I am today because my family are masons" Davies. It was during this show on divination that the subject of Garry Kasparov and his defeat to the IBM computer Deep Blue came up. I am now going to provide you with direct and irrefutable evidence that The 911 Stargate attacks were orchestrated and planned far in advance of 911. The evidence comes in the form of a quotation from wiki....and is as follows...
"There is a famous picture of a game between Kasparov and Anand on top of the World Trade Center in New York. The game took place on September 11th 1995, an exact six years before the September 11th attacks.[58]"

Now you see it now you don't. All is magick and deception played out on the checkerboard of human life. How is this possible I hear you ask? Do you believe that this outstanding piece of symbolism just happened by freak accident. That the checkerboard stargate just happened to be present alongside 2 grandmasters in the twin towers 6 years before the greatest fake of all time. Or at least the second greatest if we are to believe Bobby Fisher. You see Bobby Fisher believed that the holocaust was faked and that the world is controlled by Zionist Jews who also control America. Bobby Fisher believed in mind control techniques involving beam weapons and radio waves way back in the sixties. On 911 Bobby Fisher gave a radio interview to say he was glad about the attacks and that he hoped America was destroyed as it is rotten to the core.

Here is an hour long piece made about fisher by the Jews he hated so much. In it he is called an insane psychopath who wasted his talent. Watch it all if you are serious about trying to understand what is going on. I would also recommend watching as many vids on youtube about fisher that you have time for. I promise it will not be time wasted.

So after watching that is it not out of this world that he should die on such a significant day. Is it not beyond the pale to believe this happened by some fluke. When you also take on board the following fact about Garry Kasparov then I feel a pattern yet again appears. You see Garry believes in the writings of Anatoly Fomenko's New Chronology. Basically Fomenko believes that there has been a massive global conspiracy to hide the nature of humanities history. He believes practically all historical documents are fakes.

How can this be so. How can it be that two of the worlds most intelligent men "Believe" in the worlds most insane conspiracies. Insane of course according to the Jewish owned popular opinion stakes. I have never in my life been popular except maybe for the 2 weeks I spent in the US Space Academy where I realised that NASA did not go to the moon. I sat inside modules...It never happened folks...2mm of steel is just not enough protection from the baking sun my friends, anyway I digress.................

So as you can see I called this article The 911 Parental Stargate Conspiracy. If you watched the Fischer vids you may have already sussed out why the word Parental appears in the title. You see Bobby fisher was lied to about who his father was. For years he thought he was a German also called Fisher..from wiki

A 2002 article by Peter Nicholas and Clea Benson of The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that Paul Nemenyi, a Hungarian Jewish physicist, may have been Fischer's biological father. The article quotes an FBI report that states that Regina Fischer returned to the United States in 1939, while Hans-Gerhardt Fischer never entered the United States, having been refused admission by US immigration officials because of alleged Communist sympathies.[5][6][7] Regina and Nemenyi had an affair in 1942, and he made monthly child support payments to Regina.[8] Nemenyi died in March, 1952.
Bobby Fischer on the left and his probable father Nemenyi on the right.

This little alleged fact combined with the picture of Fisher and his real father have encouraged me to take more stock in a theory that has been floating around my head for a while now. The theory goes like this.

Our celebs are not just born lucky they are BRED like horses. I think that there is a huge amount of circumstantial evidence and synchs that suggests our dearly beloved celebs and film stars are indeed royalty of a sort. This is why they get to walk the RED CARPET. I think that it is highly probable that Heath ledger was not the son of Kim Ledger. He did have adopted siblings yet it was Heath who was named after an adopted child or the beast Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Heathcliff was adopted by Cathys father and later leaves to seek his noble birthright which he always professed he had. He returns a rich nobleman to try and win Cathy's love. The character was named after the Cliff that was covered in Heather i.e the Heathcliff. It was not his real name being from gypsy stock.

I am now going to tell you something that should if you have a beating heart make you take note and proclaim yet again how is that possible.

You see I have found what I believe to be the strangest synch and coincidence I think I have ever seen. Heath starred in the film Casanova a goddess worship film if ever there was one. In it he is portrayed yet again as the hanging man but it is who he stars alongside that really got my braincells dancing with synchro joy. Have you ever heard of the actor Oliver Platt. Platt starred alongside Ledger in Casanova. Platt is royalty and is related to the other great human sacrifice of our time Diana, Princess of Wales from wiki: Actor Oliver Platt is a second cousin once removed, as he is a great-great-grandchild of Frances Work.

"Since Diana Spencer was the great-granddaughter of the 3rd Baron Fermoy and Platt was his great-great-grandson, this makes him a second-cousin, once-removed, of Princess Diana, Princess of Wales. By extension, he is the third cousin of Prince William Windsor."

Ok you say, so what he is related to DI. There is more my friends. You see not only is he related to Di but he was also born on a rather significant date. Platt was born on 12th jan 1960. How is this significant? Here is another wiki quote on DI:

"She was the third child to the couple, her four siblings being The Lady Sarah Spencer (born 19 March 1955), The Lady Jane Spencer (born 11 February 1957), The Honourable John Spencer (born and died 12 January 1960), and Charles Spencer (born 20 May 1964)."

So John Spencer, Di's brother was born and allegedly died on the same day that Platt was born. You know with all I have seen and all the celebs I have looked into I find this tiny little fact to be the most inconceivable of coincidences. I think its a lie. I think Platt is John Spencer. If he is that would mean that Heath was deliberately and purposefully put alongside him. In order to fuck your head up even more it turns out that Platt is also "a distant cousin of filmmaker Orson Welles" that marvelous martain faker and man of mystery.

Oliver Platt looks very similar to princess Di's father. I would say too similar.

The 8th Earl Spencer father of Di.

Orson Wells also seems to me to resemble Earl Spencer far more than he should.

So if Platt is actually a Spencer and Di's brother, who is Heath Ledger? I think that it is highly probable that Heath is actually the son of Laurence Olivier or the original Heathcliff. This is why Ledger was obsessed with nobility and birthright. This is why he was sacrificed. Olivier did visit Australia a number of times. Look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Is this balding man really Heath "the Adonis" Ledgers father. I siriusly doubt it.

Heath does look like someone else though.

This my friends is Heath Ledgers father. Laurence Olivier or Zeus from Clash of the TITANS.
Oh yeah by the way you should know that this post is my 111th post to blogger. I promise you that is just coincidence but do you believe me.............


Michael said...

That is one hella post. Great sleuthing and surmising - the 911 chess match blows me away. When I was doing research into the film Another Country (about Guy Burgess, the aristocratic Englishman who spied for the Soviet Union) I discovered that:

The original 1981 production of 'Another Country' opened at the Greenwich Theatre in south-east London, and then moved to the West End. In the movie, Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer, Diana, Princess of Wales's younger brother, is present in three scenes as an extra without any dialogue.

The Spencers do find themselves in the oddest of places, don't they?

Cheers, Michael

Michael Skaggs said...

Gavin My Man! This is EXCELLENT!

Wow, totally blew my mind bro!
Those photos you used for comparisons are just incredible! You'd have to be "willingly blind" not to see uncanny resemblances!

Keep on the trail my friend, I honestly think your right about Hollywood...no surprise since it the biggest propaganda/mind control machine second to royalty.

Atlantean Times said...

Cheers lads..

There is more to this story and the original synch that happened to me has yet to be revealed...it is of galactic significance and involves the cast of Stargate..

Thanks michael for the earl of spencer thing..im gonna have to watch that now...

later my friends

FilmNoir23 said...

Great, great work...The Bobby Fischer connection to Heath never quite left me either. So much was made about Heath's love of chess, and then poof...they were both out of the picture.

Your separated at birth material is highly interesting to say the least. I am interested to see where else it might lead or if you are able to uncover any other direct links between them all.

Top notch

Atlantean Times said...

Hi todd..

I forgot about that chess link...

Its like this..

a knights tale contains the prince character who hides as a prince among men so he can compete..

Brothers grimm involves the search for missing children...casanova he wears a multitude of masks to hide his true identy..

put all that together and you have a prince who is hidden among men who is a Stolen Child that wears many masks to hide his true identy..

BUT Also

When looking into the actor that got me started on the idea i.e Richard Dean anderson/mcgyver/stargates Jack O neill i came to the conclusion that he was not his humanist fathers son..I think that he may be the actor John andersons son and in fact I asked him via text message when he came to ireland to promote HALO the game..not surprisingly he didnt respond...

I think the some of the following actors have acted as Stallions...

DOM DELUISE weird I know..
Laurence Olivier
Sinatra/Deano/sammy davis and alll the old brat pack

I also think that Angelina and brad are in business selling angels eggs fertilized with brads sperm....its a package deal and surrogates are used just like the Quaids did remember...

The synch that lead me to this is the fact that a huge number of films have been made about stolen children and involve the kids of the named bunch..its weird and hard to accept but im certain something very boggy is going on

ttfn gav

MercurialT said...

Great Post!!

I too believe that many of our celebrities are royal offspring or atleast apart of various bloodlines. Reading the works of Fritz Springmeier,"The Illuminati Formula Used to Create a Undetectable Mind Contolled Slave" and "Deeper Insights into the Iluminati Formula" I remember him touching on the the idea that some kids are bred to fullfill certain occult roles in society. Many of whom are programmed. The possible River Pheonix, Linsay Lohan, Britany Spears and Mily Cyrus' of the world. They are also meant in a very real sense to be worshipped. The only difference is that they have the magic of Hollywood and the Music Industry behind them.

Fritz also point out that the programming changes the way the brain functions, which help them determine the strength and weaknesses of a certain child. Leaving possible genetic markers that are passed on to future generations. I found that interesting inlight of this recent article.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff and I think you're right on about Oliver Platt and the idea that some celebrities are bred, and also I think you're right about 9/11 and all the faked history, particularly the moon landing. But I think you're wishing this breeding thing to be true with Heath Ledger and that's clouding your vision a little. Heath looks way more like his father than he does Laurence Olivier. Everything about Olivier's face is different. I honestly see no resemblance there at all. But there is no doubt something was going on that placed Heath in a very significant synchromystic role and your work there has been fantastic.

Atlantean Times said...

hello anon

I have to disagree with you..

you say he looks like his bald father...with the very small forehead..

if you examine the foreheads..checkline bridge of nose and eye sockets placement which i have done your analisis falls down..so far you are the only one who thinks he does look like his dad..

especially the check line which is clearly visable and totally absent from the father..you are entitled to your opinion but my views are far from wishfull thinking..

it is also to do with the numerous synchs including the way in which some of heaths films directly echo oliviers films plus the director he worked for..

plus it is a statistical fact that sons of engineers tend to follow their fathers footsteps and become engineers or a similar occupation..

Kim ledgers father was an engineer and so was his father before him..heath on the other hand totally broke with family tradition as its not his families tradition in my opinion..

regards gav

Anonymous said...

Compare Heath with his dad. It's obvious. And Heath was losing his hair like his dad. There is simply no way Olivier looks like Heath. You are wishing it to be so, and by doing that you are forcing the synchs toward your end rather than where they're wanting to go. I think it's a mistake, that's all.

Atlantean Times said...

Isnt it very easy to shout Thats WRONG from the snipers den..You have remained nameless and are accusing me of manipulation to suit my own needs...Its wrong in your opinion whoever you are..

The synchs, I Thats ME have observed DO point to it..what the fuck are you on about....

why then was he chosen to be sacrificed. why is his family fighting over the money he had left..because they are not his family,......

anyway MY fucking synchs point to it. go fucking find your own if your soo fucking certain...this is about uncertainty..im putting the possibility out there..

what are you putting out there except critisism that suits you and your synchs...whatever they are..

next time you have an opinion on what my opinion should be, keep it to yourself...

wise woman said...

Hi Gav
Really enjoyed this post,left me feeling full of energy. Lot's of excellent insights & ideas to take on board.

Anonymous said...

Wow! The idea of Karpov/Anand playing adversaries on the checkerboard at the site exactly six years (the feminine/love) before expands the mind. Sometimes, I wonder if there is a battle/game going on at higher levels that are beyond our ability to even slightly comprehend, beyond good and evil. And that these "wizards" who think they control our reality are but pawns of beings whose motives they can only begin to fathom...

I've long suspected and am with you on the celeb bunny trail...

Atlantean Times said...

Thank you WW for understanding that this is a REALITY TUNNEL that you can either enter into at your peril or NOT and that there is no right or wrong in this situation.

Maybe this is the truth maybe it isnt..either way its just a model to try to help understand the world..

In a very real way it is identical to how grant morrson interpreted the JOKEr, he viewed him as totally sane but just reinventing his reality tunnel every day.

what if I had never suggested this and in some future it turned out that i was right by some other means. I think that by merely proposing this way of thinking that i may be able with all of your help to prevent some future tragedy from happening.

I wont hold my breath though.

gawain Aka gav aka gavin aka gavo..which version of me believes this shit......

Anna Karen said...

hi, when the burial of Bobby Fischer took place there was a cover up and the priest who was in control of the church wasn´t even told about it and stuff, It felt very weird at the time. The ex-prime minister who gave Fischer political asylum in Iceland was born on january 17th and he was having a really big party when Fischer died (turning 60) his name is Davíð Oddson and he´s the biggest name in icelandic politics (but he´s just a fat useless pig with charisma)

when it happened I was very aware of all the 17th of january significance - and it´s also strange how he died on the biggest birthday of his benefactors life...

it said on the news that Fischer had propably converted to catholicism recently and it had been his wish to be buried catholic style and that´s why everything went ahead without the regular priests´knowledge and so hush hush.

Captain EMU said...

John Anderson even played a role in Mac Gyver http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0026930/

Atlantean Times said...

to anyone who reads this now..as in 2012..is it starting to make sense yet..